Sep 03 2013

Why leopard seals are like grandmothers

“Eat, kid, you’re too skinny!”

Alternatively, there’s a distinct resemblance to Mrs. Doyle.


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    Who needs Stumble Upon, when there’s Pharyngula to serve you a half hour later?

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    BTW, I still want to say sth on two previous posts. I’m collecting the courage, as one made me sad and the other (a bit) mad. Apart from that, I need a suckpuppet identity as I might need to discuss something extremely personal with the horde. (Quite a few people know who I am, and I am not totally prepared to discuss the item them knowing it’s me.) Would that be okay with PZ? (Addressing this at Caine, who I know how to contact.)

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    So for 4 days he let this beautiful creature murder scores of poor penguins, I mean the least he could do for the penguins would be to at least eat one of them so the seal would stop killing them. Awesome video.

  4. 4

    scores of poor penguins,

    Think a few moments of the murders your whole ancestry committed for YOU to be here.

    Still sorry for the Penguins. Still sorry for your family who didn’t make it.

    Congrats, and all that. (Or is it?)

  5. 5

    The penguins that died should be dead anyway, natural selection doesn’t lie. Nurturing instincts in an animal are also unsurprising as you wouldn’t have many animals around if there weren’t any. Having balls the size of Texas to put yourself in that situation to experience it, that doesn’t happen much.

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    The penguins that died should be dead anyway, natural selection doesn’t lie.

    there’s nothing “should” about it. it just happened.

  7. 7
    Jafafa Hots

    That leopard seal is NOTHING like my grandma.

    My grandma gave me cheezy poofs, not freakin penguins.

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    So, hoity toity NatGeo photographers are too good to have nice penguin sammich?

    That sure looks like reasoning…here I brought you a gift – but you can’t open gift…
    here I brought you an easy to open gift…
    here I opened the gift for you…
    here is what you do with gift…

    I wonder what the sea lion would have done if he had taken his penguin up onto the ice and pretended to ear it there? Would she have understood that he needs to be on the ice to eat?

  9. 9

    That was just so f***** up.

  10. 10
    Antiochus Epiphanes

    It’s really hard to tell who’s a bad-ass just by looking.

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    René, PZ said it would be okay.

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    Thanks, Caine, for letting me know. I may have succeeded in creating an alter ego. Who knows.

    My two issues: I was triggered by PZ’s Labor Day post. I was seven on that day and it was around the day I last saw my mother. Her death, a few months later, was (IS) a major parameter in my life.

    The second trigger was PZ’s casual “I haven’t been lonely for years”. I haven’t been lonely as an atheist, ever. I’d like PZ to realize the difference between lonely and alone, nonetheless.

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    check out those teeth! it’s like the marine version of the wolf grandma in Red Riding Hood.

  14. 14

    What a wonderful display of truly altruistic behavior. It’s either rooted deep in our family tree, or it’s polyphyletic. Either idea is beautiful.

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    That was so sweet of her. The least he could have done would have been to take a bite.

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