Aug 20 2013

Robotic land cat shark

Don’t let him in if he comes knocking!

Stupid cat. Can’t even decide if he’s a Jaeger or a Kaiju.


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  1. 1
    Akira MacKenzie

    The kitty is just doing his part to prevent the RISE OF THE ROOMBAS!

  2. 2
    John Pieret

    Catshark? … Catshark? … Where have I heard that before?

    That cat is obviously heavily sedated, or else they never would have been able to get it into, or keep it in, that suit, much less have it ride that thing into walls.

  3. 3
    Dave W

    I just want to admire this: “Can’t even decide if he’s a Jaeger or a Kaiju.”

  4. 4
    Rev. BigDumbChimp

    A cat post PZ?

    I don’t care if it’s wearing a shark outfit riding a robot.

    A cat post?

    what the hell is going on here?

  5. 5

    @2 – Not necessarily. Depends on the cat. I have 3, and 2 of them would be just fine with a costume on. One of them would definitely be fine with both the costume and riding a roomba bumping into things. He really doesn’t care that much about things most of the day until breakfast and dinner.

  6. 6

    Forgive my noobishness, but ‘Jaeger or a Kaiju’?

  7. 7
    No One


    In another video the human woman comes home opens the door and the cat is sitting on the roomba waiting. This cat considers the roomba as it’s own personal seguay (however it’s spelled). The cat is also some type of Siamese, so all bets are off at that point. This cat likes it.


    It’s a cat dreaming of being a shark, gliding over the bottom of the sea with little effort. The cat has the correct piscatorial attitude.

  8. 8

    John Pieret,
    This cat has been famous on the internet for a long time. There’s another video of him sans costume riding the roomba and taking swipes at his pit bull buddy. He obviously enjoys the ride.
    I’ve also seen a really cute video of a whole family of kittens riding the roomba – too cute!

    Thanks for the cute kittie video, PZ!

  9. 9

    Pacific Rim reference.

  10. 10
    David Marjanović

    That cat is so human!

  11. 11

    Thank goodness you posted this video!

    I actually thought I was the only one who dressed my cat up as a shark and let her travel around the house on a Roomba. I was starting to think it might be a little …. odd.

    Nope. Turns out it’s perfectly normal. Nothing wrong with me at all. Whew!

    (Well, okay no — I don’t do this. But I would have if I’d thought of it and it was in any way feasible in my particular house and with my particular cat.)

  12. 12
    Rev. BigDumbChimp

    I’m not sure this will work with my 105 lbs. Chocolate Lab.

  13. 13
    PZ Myers

    Gonna need a bigger roomba.

  14. 14
    Jafafa Hots

    They wanted to put zoomba brains inside zambonis and create zoombonis, but the zamboni operator’s union refused to wear the shark outfits.

  15. 15
    Daz: Experiencing A Slight Gravitas Shortfall

    Doesn’t drive very well, does it.

  16. 16

    Let me add a laser to that and I’ll rule the world! mwhahahahahahahah…..

  17. 17

    David Marjanović:

    That cat is so human!

    Oh thank goodness! I thought it was just me! Tell me, where do you get your shark suits? These cheap Chinese ones don’t last, and they’re itchy as hell.

  18. 18

    Duh. They’d have to be polar bears.

  19. 19
    Rich Woods

    > I’m not sure this will work with my 105 lbs. Chocolate Lab.

    > Gonna need a bigger roomba.

    Gonna need a bigger room!

  20. 20

    Silly PZ, this is obviously a JaegerKaiju and therefore superior to either.

  21. 21

    Cat on a hot plastic bot. Something tells me the owner’s an Achewood fan.

  22. 22

    That video was way more fun than Pacific Rim.

  23. 23

    it’s pretty clear that cat is die jaeger all right, because it’s definitely not das essen. with all the Attack on … parodies that have been made over the last few months, it wouldn’t surprise me to see footage of this cat with Guren no Yumiya blazing in the background.

  24. 24

    In all seriousness, any douchecanoes that think pit bulls are evil needs to be forced to watch this lady’s videos. Fairly big pit bull being friends with the above cat, bunnies, chickens, an iguana etc.

  25. 25
    Jafafa Hots

    Why did I type zoomba and not roomba?


    (there is a thing called a zoomba, right? I’m scared to find out what, though.)

  26. 26

    Oh, it’s Max-Arthur? He’s the coolest kitty. I love this lady’s videos, she has so many wonderful animals living happily together. Her pit bull is adorable. :)

  27. 27

    I am so resisting the urge to send that video to this person: Sharky character on a Cyberpunk game.

    Now I wish younger son’s cat would either stop peeing in random places, or at least clean it up herself. We have learned from experience this particular cat runs away from robotic vacuums. And then pees on the floor.

  28. 28

    the only thing marring this video is the person wearing sunglasses indoors.

  29. 29
    Markita Lynda—threadrupt

    I love this cat. I have one that will trot down the hill to watch highway traffic going by about twenty feet away, so I’m wondering if I should get a Roomba, too, for him. It might keep him away from the traffic.

  30. 30

    Aiieee!!! Don’t go in the kitchen!

    And bring back the real PZ!

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