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Brave Sir Ken…still running

You know, Ken Ham has this standing challenge to debate Aron Ra and me, and he seems to be in denial. But still, take a look at the new image he has on his facebook page:


I don’t think he’s capable of “defending it”.

I like the point made in the comments that his slogan is missing three “sh”s.


  1. says

    He just doesn’t want to give evolution any legitimacy by debating with a darwinist. Yes, I know. He’s said in the past he really wants to debate someone with a PhD in biology, but since darwinism will have been shown to be a hollow shell (Real Soon Now, for the last several decades), there’s no need.

    In fact, he doesn’t want to stoop to the level of all you darwinists, what with your hypotheses supported by dirty facts and observations. He prefers the clean, smooth taste of pure conjecture, unsullied by measurements and internal consistency.

  2. AussieMike says

    His slide is missing a couple of “sh”‘s.

    Holy “sh”it, you’re right.

  3. David Marjanović says

    Isn’t he in jail? Or am I thinking of a different tax-dodging creationist charlatan?

    The convicted tax dodger is Kent Hovind, not Ken Ham.

  4. =8)-DX says

    @Gregory. The one in jail is the learned “Dr” Kent Hovind. Not that Ken is any more honest or religio-eyed, but Kent was dishonest to the wrong people – the tax office.

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    Does that ratio in the upper left represent the proportion of words to falsehoods?

  6. says

    He forgot to include “Lying about science and scientists.”

    Come on, Ken, why not be proud of what you do? The fact that it’s a slimy dishonest fraud can’t be bothering you any more, can it?

    Glen Davidson

  7. kreativekaos says

    Gotta admit… that last line about the missing ‘sh-‘s was pretty funny! Touche!

  8. PDX_Greg says

    Good on holytape for suggesting the “sh”s.

    Of course, Mr. Ham would be unqualified to represent shit, because, hey, shit’s real.

    Let us also note that whenever Ham is consumed, shit is produced.

  9. kreativekaos says

    holytape– good catch on the missing sh-‘s!

    For winning first prize in the comedy/satire division of FtB, you win a free, all-expenses paid trip to Turin to see The Shroud, courtesy of Vatican, Inc.

  10. says

    Hovind was dumb enough to put his money where his mouth was (i.e. he attempted to follow through on his belief that his ministry didn’t owe the government a dime).

    Ham is smart enough to know that the rules are such that he can still make a fortune fleecing his folk without having to break any of them.

  11. says

    So Jesus doesn’t own a wallet?

    No, and neither does he have a checking or savings account, having been barred from most banks for kicking over tables and shit.

  12. says

    It looks like I’ll be in Houston on 1 August whether Ham grows a spine or not. I guess I’ll be able to talk about the foolishness of AiG without him there to disagree.

  13. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hmmm….Hamikins appears to be Beawk to defend his version of creationism….Oh, that means his slide lies….

  14. robster says

    Gee, thanks Ken. It has been a problem for many, what with constant updates and viral outbreaks. Now with you on side with all your positive goodness, It will no longer a problem ever again, Windows will boot, the internet will speed up and the holy spook and the baby jesus will remain just as silent and invisible as usual. Now, how about sorting out injustice, disease and malnourishment with the spook and jesus, Ta.

  15. says

    @ feralboy12

    having been barred from most banks for kicking over tables and shit.

    “bank” is Afrikaans for “stool”, original “bankje” in Dutch, which is the diminutive of the object serving as source of the word “bank” (from Italian: “banco” = “bench”). “stool” is also a variant word describing what Ken spews and monkeys fling.


  16. keelyn says


    “believing it. defending it. proclaiming it.”

    Oh, and never having to explain it. Got it, Ken.

  17. rossthompson says

    So Jesus doesn’t own a wallet?

    No, and neither does he have a checking or savings account, having been barred from most banks for kicking over tables and shit.

    That can’t be true; it’s well known that Jesus saves.