Jun 22 2013

A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld!

We’ve added a few new names to the Ever Growing Roster of FtBCon speakers. Take a look. And we’re not done yet!

You may listen to this music from The Orb while contemplating the awesomeness of this event.


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    Scr... Archivist

    ‘Sup, Holms.

    What that is is an ambient house track released in 1989. For a larger introduction, check out the Wikipedia page for the song.

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    The Orb are easily some of the most important musicians of all time.

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    On a similar note. One of The Orb members was also a member of KLF.

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    The Orb are easily some of the most important musicians of all time.

    Are you saying it’s better than it sounds?

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    Doc Dish

    @epicure, it’s named after (and, I believe, samples) a sound effect from the incredibly hammy ’70s BBC Sci-Fi serial “Blakes 7″. It also samples Minnie Riperton’s amazing vocal from “Lovin’ You”.

    @vytautasjanaauskas, I think nearly every musician from the ’90s UK ambient scene was in The Orb at some point!

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    JT Eberhard

    This is gonna be fun.

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    @epicure whatever grandma

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    Thumper: Who Presents Boxes Which Are Not Opened

    I got three minutes in. I get that the point of ambient house is to hellp with the comedown, and I can totally see it doing that… but I’m not sure that counts as music.

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