Jun 17 2013

How will you know he loves you?

That Han Solo…he’s kind of a gruff man of few words who’s not very good at expressing his feelings. Plus, he’s frozen on carbonite. So how will you know that he really likes you?




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    Julien Rousseau

    At least it’s less creepy than this one:


  3. 3
    David Marjanović

    Oh, for literal fuck’s sake.

  4. 4

    You’d think they’d get more intelligent with this kind of light-switch. I mean it’s relatively simple with any metal pad to have a touch-activated switch or a pressable/depressable switch for plastic. Or the switch could just be on the side..

    In other words lack of imagination => penis.

  5. 5
    Dr Marcus Hill Ph.D. (arguing from his own authority)

    I keep forgetting that Americans can’t get light switches right. Everyone knows you flick the switch down to turn the lights on.

  6. 6

    Dr Marcus
    And you flip it up to turn Han solo on…

  7. 7

    Erm… Han Solo turned on the light first!

    No, that doesn’t seem to work.

  8. 8

    I think this might work better as a mezuzah, which is what I originally thought it was until I saw the … uh … “light switch”. Plus, you can double your pleasure and offensiveness all at the same time!

  9. 9

    Oh, please. That is just rude.

  10. 10

    I didn’t see what it was until I clicked the link. There’s coffee in my keyboard now.

  11. 11
    Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    @Lavocat –

    at the risk of shouting, ME F TOO!

    I came here specifically to say that I thought it was a mezuzah, and, frankly, regardless of the fact that this is designed as a light switch, I am suddenly all about the new corporation I am going to found selling mezuzot to all of Jew-geek-dom.

    I don’t know that Han Solo would be my pick, but Captain Marvel/Binary or a mini-Tardis or quite a number of other things would be pretty awesome. A replica of Mr. Pointy (of Buffy fame) hollowed out, maybe? Okay, Mr. Pointy looked darn cool to begin with. Maybe that’s the one to start with….

    Glory, riches, scandal: my future is bright.

  12. 12
    Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Okay, turns out you can already buy a Mr Pointy replica. Now to get Whedon’s permission to make it into a mezuzah and market it with the Mr. Pointy name.


    PS. Does anyone know Joss? Or have a spare 50k around to start a business?

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    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Hmm .. Most impressive given the usual effects of cold on that part of the male anatomy!

    And carbonite is meant to be very cold indeed isn’t it?

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    richy skull

    Just an FYI-Anytime I want. I’ll post anytime I want. Keep that in mind. call me all the names you want and cry all day long it won’t change a damn thing.

  15. 15

    call me all the names you want and cry all day long it won’t change a damn thing.

    Seriously? Whining about name-calling and then saying that we are the whiners in the same fucking sentence? Third time I’ve said it in two days: You people are just unprincipled hypocrites. The most eager hypocrites I have ever seen that weren’t Republican politicians or creationists.

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