Jun 03 2013

For the well-dressed Happy Atheist

You need some tchotckes for The Happy Atheist, and Surly Amy provides.



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    YOB - Ye Olde Blacksmith

    Boo! I was gonna do that in silver, but all my gear is still packed from my recent move and Amy beat me to it. Boo!

    I haz a sad.

    Also, want also. ;-)

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    Surly Amy

    Do it in silver too! The more the merrier. Or in this case, the more the happier!

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    Xanthë, Amy of my threads

    Now that’s a very classy tie-in! Way to go, Amy and PZ.

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    PZ, in the interest of being a truly shameless promoter you should also include a link to THA on bn.com, or at least remind people that it will be available there. I will be buying mine in Nook format. (I’m sure someday I will be sucked into the giant hivemind that is Kindle, but for now I am trying to support the only bricks & mortar bookstore in my neighborhood.)

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    David Marjanović

    That is all.

    …No, actually, I can’t get over the heel on the wrist. :-(

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    I thought we were all supposed to be bitter and miserable because we don’t love jeezooos, are you implying all these good christians were lying to me all this time.

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