May 12 2013

The SyFy channel should get right on this

It’s the Attack of the Killer Ice Sheets! Winter isn’t quite over here in Minnesota. It’s mostly over, but some vestiges still like to sneak up on us when we’re not looking.

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  1. 1
    A Hermit

    Check out the video from Ochre Beach, Manitoba. A little north of where I grew up:


  2. 2

    This is evidence of fresh water krakens. You can just see them pushing the ice if you look hard enough.

  3. 3

    Meanwhile in the Great North Wet we’re having unseasonably warm, dry temperatures.

  4. 4
    Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    What is this “Winter” you speak of?

  5. 5

    Get with the times, old man. It’s May. Pack up your winter already.

  6. 6
    Jafafa Hots

    There must be a sudden increase in the pirate population.

  7. 7
    Rip Steakface

    You know, back in your home state, it’s been actually quite nice. Consistent temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, no rain (an impossibility, I know), and nothing but sun. My girlfriend has a good tan going, even.

  8. 8

    [paste obligatory "so where's yer global warming now, Science-Boy!" post here]

  9. 9

    I have this terrible feeling that LA may have won the looto this year we had a very mild winter and it looks like there will be a very mild like none existent “cool june gloom” this year it is all ready trying to be july.

    I wonder what all that winter is going to do to food prices shouldn’t the wheat be a few inches high all ready?
    things worry me like that

    I would think that if you start to pump more energy into a some what stable system that it might get unstable. It would only get stable when the energy level stabilizes again. I see no indication that is happening.
    uncle frogy

  10. 10

    The SyFy channel should get right on this

    Nah. Too much science, not enough vampires.

  11. 11
    Scr... Archivist

    And all this time I’ve thought the Blob was red.

  12. 12
    David Marjanović


    Also… you have a lake called “a thousand lakes” in Minnesota?

  13. 13

    SyFy was actually ahead on this one. 2012: Ice Age. That ice sheet moved even faster than the one in Minnesota.

  14. 14
    Wilson Fowlie

    Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as funny in Manitoba. People are losing their homes and possessions.

  15. 15
    Wilson Fowlie

    Oh, dang; how did I miss the very first comment from “A Hermit” about that? Sorry for the duplicate info.

  16. 16

    Temperatures are cool…proof(!!!) there is no global warming. [/sarcasm]

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