Nov 19 2012

Another frantic day

I’m still grading. I have to review my lecture for today. I have meetings scheduled. And then at 3 I’m scurrying out of my office to race down the road to St Cloud to give a lecture at the St Cloud Public Library at 7. Then zoom, straight back home to do some late night prep work for tomorrow.

But it’s a 4 day weekend coming up! Yay! I’m kind of desperately crawling my way forward to just finish up Wednesday.


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  1. 1

    But it’s a 4 day weekend coming up!

    Um, no. After consulting with the various Magical Faeries & Other Beasties, it was decided to cancel the end of November. That way, the English cricket team maybe won’t embarrass themselves in India. It’s about their only chance…

  2. 2

    blf, you better hope Cook doesn’t get gastro…

    To PZ, hang in there man!

  3. 3

    the good news is, you’ll have the weekend off.

    blf : I am sure that Cricket was banned by the Intergalactic League as a war crime. Or something. Douglas Adams said something to that effect some years ago.

  4. 4

    DLC, you are referring to the genocidal Krikkit wars.

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