Aug 12 2012

What have I been doing this weekend?

Whatever it was, it was noteworthy enough to get a brief mention in the Star Tribune.


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    Very nice, but…

    Organizers said they plan to put together similar events that continue that message: “We’re just like everyone else … doing all these things other churches do,” said Eric Jayne, the group’s associate president.


    Other “groups” do, perhaps. “Other churches” plays right into the false idea that atheists groups are just another religion.

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    Not to nitpick, and he could have said something different that was misquoted. Just a reminder that the leaders need to be very careful when talking to the media.

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    @Carlie: I thought exactly the same thing.

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    Now I feel bad that I’m criticizing when I’m not out there organizing ball nights and whatnot. It really is a great coup that this made such big headlines and got so much good attention.

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    I went to the article specifically to see what would happen in the comments. Pretty bland, all in all, other than PZ being called a “raving lunatic”. The thumbs up/down voting shows signs of Pharygulation, I think!

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    Oh, oh. In the comments someone pointed something out:

    As long as they have raving lunatics like PZ Meyers speaking for them, atheists will never, ever convince anyone they’re “just like our neighbors”.

    I can’t believe I failed to notice that till now! Thanks, anonymous commenter, for letting us know! The commenter is leading the way in modeling rational discourse for us.

    But who is this “PZ Meyers”?

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    Ms. Daisy Cutter, General Manager for the Cleveland Steamers

    Zeno, you beat me to it. Never fails, does it?

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    Er…were you meeting up with the other FTBers to divvy up Thunderfoot’s money?

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    Hmmm…I missed it too. PZ may be raving, but he’s not a lunatic. He raves about all the things that should be raved about.

    Anyway, guess what I’ve been doing this weekend (32 years and counting of Jeebus-free Sundays). That’s right, I re-watched Richard Dawkins’ excellent video “Root of all Evil?” Of course everyone who reads these blogs has probably seen bits of it already, but my favourite part is…wait for it…

    Dawkins’ interview with “Pastor” Ted Haggard. Dear Teddy comes across as the sanctimonious prick that he is, and the interview ends with Haggard accusing Dawkins of “intellectual arrogance.” Well. Haggard is certainly arrogant, but nobody has ever accused him of being intellectual.

    So…anyway…I found myself wishing that Dawkins and the BBC could update the program to include Haggard’s downfall due to meth-snorting and cock-sucking. And I laughed…! Then I found out that he is back in a minor way and has apologized to his fellow homosexuals. So, “Pastor” T, does that mean that you are finally in favour of gay marriage?

    Life’s a beach. Enjoy the heat and don’t complain about it.

  11. 11
    Antiochus Epiphanes

    “We’re just your neighbors. What a cute baby! She must be twenty pounds. Look over there!”

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    PZ Myers

    No. It has been made very clear on the back channel that tf00t’s money will be disbursed directly to him when the accounting is made.

    I know what you’re talking about, and tf00t is once again lying by selectively pulling out bits of the email he stole. We are going to be entirely above board in all dealings with him. And yeah, he got a fair amount of traffic while he was here…by pissing off a couple of the highest-traffic blogs here. He did better than the lowest traffic blogs, but only a fraction of the high traffic sites. He shouldn’t thump his chest too hard over his cheaply acquired hits.

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    Usernames are smart

    Er…were you meeting up with the other FTBers to divvy up Thunderfoot’s money?
    — nmcc #9

    Since you’re cracking about “money,” does this mean the TF Butthurt Legion is dwindling?

    TrollScore™: 0/10

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    “Silverman,… said atheism is growing both in membership and respect nationwide, increasing from about 2,600 members a year ago to 4,000 this year.”

    This makes it sound like there are only 4,000 atheists nationwide. I’m sure Silverman said no such thing, so there’s your proof that the author of the article had his Jesus ear muffs on when recording his conversations with atheists.

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    Ooooh! Methinks thou doth protest too much! Keep your mane on, it was a joke.

    Actually, I couldn’t give two fucks what you do with ‘his’ money. I consider him to be a self-serving, narcissistic tosspot – as I do all the ‘new’ atheist ‘names’. Indeed, you are just about the only one left who has a shread of credibility.

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    #12 PZ

    No. It has been made very clear on the back channel that tf00t’s money will be disabused directly to him when the accounting is made.

    I’m afraid I have to disabuse you of the notion that disabuse means the same thing as “disburse.”

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    PZ Myers

    I have given my ipad’s autocorrect feature a stern talking-to.

  18. 18

    Damn you autocorrect!


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    Alternatively, this

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    “We’re not wicked people,” Myers said. “We’re just your neighbors.”

    In ya face, Love they neighbour, muthafuckas! =)

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    Darn, as it happens I’m in Minneapolis for business this week. I wish I knew about this ahead of time. I would not have minded having a few beer with some like minded people while I’m visiting.

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