May 18 2012

Big day!

I’m about to fly off to the Imagine No Religion 2 conference (hashtag: #INR2), and my daughter Skatje is on her way to the Women in Secularism (hashtag: #WISCFI) conference — there’s lots happening this weekend. It seems like the FtB contribution is split: Maryam, Ian, Natalie, Matt and I will be in Kamloops, while Ophelia, Jen, Stephanie, Sikivu, and Brianne will be in DC.

Follow along on Twitter, and I’ll try to post updates here; Skatje, I think, will also be posting now and then. It’s going to be a fun weekend!


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  1. 1

    Enjoy the May Two Four/Victoria Day weekend!

  2. 2

    I’m glad you survived the Scotch.

  3. 3
    PZ Myers

    Survived it? Heck, I sprouted manly hair in all kinds of new places. I started talking in a husky brogue. I grew a third testicle.

  4. 4
    Thomas Lawson

    I just squealed like a kindeygartener.

  5. 5

    I just squealed like a kindeygartener.

    Because of the third testicle? ;)

  6. 6

    I grew a third testicle

    Reminds me of my days working at the pawn shop.

  7. 7
    Anthony K

    I grew a third testicle.

    You’re getting close to the point where it stops being underwear and starts being Yahtzee.

  8. 8
    Mattir, Another One With Boltcutters

    Well, I was going to say how nice it was to meet Skatje, how much she looks like The Trophy Wife, and how much cooler Women in Secularism is going to be than that silly Imagine No Religion thing, but I’m not real sure I should given that the thread appears to be about PZ’s third testicle.

    Those New Atheist leaders are really quite odd…

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