Mar 30 2012

A fine time in Morris

#MSOC is off to a great start — we had the first talk this evening (OK, it was me, ho hum), and I was impressed: we got a good crowd of people, and most importantly, they weren’t just the usual science faculty and students I see every day, but we actually succeeded in drawing in people from the local community and region. Yay, student organizers done good!

We had a good dinner with Neil Shubin, Marco Peloso, Dan Demetriou, and a gaggle of the student organizers at the local Italian place tonight. Tomorrow, more talks! It’s not too late to join us!


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  1. 1

    Woo! My arm made the photo. Look at that Shubin. How could you not come to his talk tomorrow?!

  2. 2
    Dick the Damned

    Looks like they’re all joyfully anticipating the first course, of delicious boiled baby.

  3. 3
    'Tis Himself

    we had the first talk this evening (OK, it was me, ho hum), and I was impressed

    You impress easily.

  4. 4

    I will be in Morris on Sunday will you still be having some talks then?

  5. 5
    PZ Myers

    Sunday…just Chris Stedman.

  6. 6

    We appear somewhat demographically challenged, do we not?

  7. 7
    MG Myers

    I agree that the conference is off to a great start! Seeing the city folks drive to the rural area for a conference is pleasantly strange. The locals are used to hopping into a car and driving three hours to get to the Twin Cities for conferences. A big thanks to the organizers and supporters!

  8. 8
    PZ Myers

    No, the upper midwest is all white guys, so it’s entirely representative.

    Except for Tracey Anderson in that photo, and Sameeksha just offscreen.

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