Jan 19 2012

Looking for a postdoc?

Here’s an opportunity: you could work with Reed Cartwright at Arizona State University!


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    This is off-topic, and I apologize if this has been mentioned in a previous comment thread already, but I haven’t been seeing new Pharyngula entries in my Google Reader today. I tried accessing the RSS feed directly and it redirects to the SOPA/PIPA blackout page. I guess that needs to be fixed.

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    FWIW, I’ve been to Arizona State and Northern Arizona State unis.

    good schools.

    Anyone could do far worse.

    bit on the warm side in the summer, though.

  3. 3

    …and let’s not mention the crazy folk that surround the uni.

    you’re fine so long as you stay on campus.


    seriously, working with Reed would be a great opportunity; he’s a smart cracker, in a field that’s still got some new funding coming its way, and he’ll have a lot to prove so will be doing a lot of handholding for new grad students.

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    From what I hear, ASU isn’t too bad (for being smack in the middle of a Red Stateā„¢) but UofA has problems with some fairly well-entrenched woo-woos. As evidence : http://lach.web.arizona.edu/human_energy_systems_laboratory_hesl

    who seems to actually be getting grants.

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    Summers are not a problem. We just go to conferences in New Zealand and Europe during that time. The university is investing a lot of resources into translational research, and I’m part of a center that has a brand new building(s) and is expanding. We got lots of resources and administrative support. So I’m pretty sure it is a good opportunity to do some awesome science. (I’m so confident that I turned down a job in New Zealand for ASU.)

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    Oh, and I share lab space with Prof. Steve Steve.

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    We just go to conferences in New Zealand


    where? I’m in Welly right now.

  8. 8

    I turned down a job in New Zealand for ASU

    you might regret that in 20 years.

    but right now?

    economically speaking, that was a good call.

    hell, I’ve spoken to several profs at Vic who think the uni might actually go bankrupt in a couple more years.

    still, I’d take NZ as a place over AZ any day.

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