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Apr 04 2012

Token Skeptic Interview – On Faitheism With Chris Stedman

The latest Token Skeptic podcast is now out! Thanks to everyone who has been very patient while I’ve been busy with studies, checking that the podcast is ready to be released – and not keeping a very regular schedule with the show. There should be two more Token Skeptic episodes at the very least coming …

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Apr 01 2012

The Stedman paradox

Ah, Chris Stedman. He visited Morris today, and gave a presentation at the Federated Church before sending people off to community activities. He was a very nice guy, and he told some very nice stories, and he was just generally nice. Nice. Lots of niceness. A whole afternoon of nice. So I will restrict myself …

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Mar 25 2012

PZ Myers, Leslie Cannold, Chris Stedman – The Road Less Traveled Fringe Event

I’m going to see if I can get more information about what they’ll be talking about precisely – but here’s the detailsĀ and tickets are going fast! Do get one if you’re around after the Global Atheist convention! Can believers and atheists work together for the common good? Join Chris Stedman, PZ Myers & Leslie Cannold …

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Mar 25 2012

Me vs. Chris Stedman

How do I get myself talked into these things? I have two events with the slithery Chris Stedman coming up: first, he’s speaking at the Midwest Science of Origins Conference in Morris next week. He’s scheduled for April Fools’ Day, so I’m hoping the student organizers are just going to hand him an exploding cigar …

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Dec 23 2011

There are some things I won’t compromise on…but Stedman will

Chris Stedman is at it again. Once more, he’s carping at atheists who dare to question the beliefs of the delusional theists he considers his dearest friends, his most important clients, and the people he wants to spend his life working among, the liberal Christians and Muslims. Unfortunately, he chose as his opening salvo a …

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Dec 15 2011

At last, I am won over to the Stedman way

All it took was one post, and I was enraptured by the sweetness and light. I’ll start promoting Newt tomorrow. It’s a small first step.

Jul 26 2014

Sharp lines

Greta asks where you’d draw the line. Is there any line that someone could cross that would make you unwilling to support them or work with them? Is there any line that someone could cross that would make you not link to their videos, not share their blog posts, not upvote them, not post admiring …

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Jun 28 2014


Chris Stedman interviews Hemant Mehta for RNS. CS: What do you love most about the nontheist community? Where do you think itĀ can improve? HM: I love how certain issues that are controversial everywhere else in the country, like marriage equality, comprehensive sex education, and science in schools, are almost non-issues within our community. Where can …

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Jun 06 2014

Chris Hall on the Changing Face of New Atheism

There is a marvelously well-written and timely piece at Alternet by Chris Hall: Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris Are Old News: A Totally Different Atheism Is on the Rise (tagline: “It’s absurd to think these white males represent all organized atheism”), which has gotten enough attention to be picked up by Salon, there titled: Forget Christopher …

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Jun 05 2014

MIT May Get Humanist Chaplain Like Harvard and Yale

Chris Stedman, the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard who is now setting up a similar chaplainship at Yale, reports some encouraging progress at MIT, which has removed a traditional prayer from its graduation ceremonies and may soon get their own humanist chaplain.

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