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Mar 30 2014

Rape Myths About How Victims “Should” Behave

In the wake of the Tejpal rape case, some articles and comments in Indian media have propagated certain myths about how “true” rape victims “should” behave. These myths echo depictions of rape in cinema and television, and go something like this: rape victims always fight back against their attackers; rape victims always scream “rape” and …

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Feb 22 2014

How Rapists Manipulate Their Victims

(Content note: contains numerous quotes from rapists, taken from Project Unbreakable.) I’ve been following Project Unbreakable (tumblr, facebook) for almost two years now. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s an American initiative started in 2011 by then nineteen year old Grace Brown, which photographs sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers. …

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Aug 30 2013

In Defence of Rose Chasm (Michaela Cross)

A white woman from the University of Chicago recently published an account of her unfortunate encounters in India. She was sexually harassed and assaulted on several occasions. The story received widespread attention, and Rose Chasm had many sympathizers, but as all cases of sexual assault stories go, she also had to face severe negative backlash. …

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Jul 13 2013

Terrific Icelandic Film on Sexual Consent (plus interview with filmmakers)

A scene from the film (image used with permission). The image shows a young man and a young woman sitting awkwardly on a bed, partially undressed.

Fáðu Já! (“Get Yes!”) is a fantastic educational film from Iceland on sexual consent. GO WATCH IT! The film is 20 minutes long. (Update: have updated the image below to point to the landing page instead of directly to the video.) You can find versions in other languages as well. And after you watch, come …

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