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Aug 20 2013

The (Non-existent) Right to Die in India

A euthanasia machine administers a lethal dose of drugs when a person answers "yes" to a series of questions on the lap-top screen. (Image links to source).

What I’d like to do with this post is explore the current legal position on the right to die in India and a little bit about why the issue is so controversial (biased, of course, to reflect personal opinion). To start out, the right to die as an absolute is not provided for under the …

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Jun 20 2013

Come one come all to California Pizza Kitchen! No not you in the wheelchair.

California Pizza Kitchen in Bangalore, India

The American pizza chain California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) opened last year in Bangalore, and here is a picture of the restaurant (the description is in the text below): The restaurant has a long glass facade revealing the tables inside, and the entire thing is raised about a foot and a half off ground level. Outside …

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