Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 28 2013

Let Us Pray For Our Pyramid Scheme (An Incident in Coffee Day)

A photo of the Coffee Day Square, taken from the outside.

This incident happened about two months ago, at Coffee Day Square near UB City in Bangalore. I was there with two of my friends, and on the table next to us was a group which seemed to be having a business meeting. (This is quite common there; in fact every other table seemed to be …

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Jul 23 2013

Have You Brought Your Disability? Here’s Your Double Standard.

I want you to picture this hypothetical scenario. Upon arriving at the destination, a woman is about to get out of the car. One of the lesser known persons waiting outside lends his hand offering to help which she politely refuses. A moment later as she’s almost done, he suddenly grabs her inappropriately under the …

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Jul 22 2013

The Peculiar State-sponsored Legend of the Tanot Mata Temple

A closeup of the "unexploded bombs".

In late March this year, my friend and I travelled to Rajasthan, a western Indian state. Our destination was the India-Pakistan border near Jaisalmer, a small town at the edges of the Thar Desert. Somewhere less than a hundered kilometers from the border, we stopped at a temple. Although I’m not religious, I’m not averse …

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Jul 16 2013

Privilege, Helplessness, and Choice

In India, labour is cheap. A middle-class family like mine can afford domestic workers. Laxmi (name changed) has been coming home for over three years now, every day. She scrubs the floor, does the dishes and the laundry. She sometimes cleans the bathrooms, and tends the plants. Laxmi is old and poor. She sits on …

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Jul 13 2013

Terrific Icelandic Film on Sexual Consent (plus interview with filmmakers)

A scene from the film (image used with permission). The image shows a young man and a young woman sitting awkwardly on a bed, partially undressed.

Fáðu Já! (“Get Yes!”) is a fantastic educational film from Iceland on sexual consent. GO WATCH IT! The film is 20 minutes long. (Update: have updated the image below to point to the landing page instead of directly to the video.) You can find versions in other languages as well. And after you watch, come …

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Jul 11 2013

The Merit Delusion

Medal For Merits. Image in public domain; via Wikimedia Commons (links to source).

with inputs from Sunil. Reservations (affirmative action) are a highly contentious issue in India but mostly for all the wrong reasons. One of those is an argument that reservations dilute merit. Consider this “joke” that was email forward fodder years ago and is now doing the rounds in social networks. It is good example of …

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Jul 04 2013

Memories of Street Harassment as a Boy

"Young Boy in Profile" (1886) - a painting by Marie Kroyer

In the Nirmukta Facebook group last month, there was a discussion thread on street harassment during which one commenter, a woman, asked the following question: I was wondering. Do you all think average Indian males understand what street harassment feels like? If not, I would like to explore this through my writing. My understanding is …

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