Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Led Zeppelin Plays Since I’ve Been Loving You

Jimmy Page again! This solo is yet another amazing one from Page. Powerful and emotional, it definitely soars.

Of course, I’m talking about the second solo. There are actually two, here, the first one opening the song. And that one is really good, as well, setting the tone of the song quite nicely.

The first solo starts right at the beginning and ends at 1:12. Page continues to play lead licks underneath Plant’s singing, so the lead playing continues. But the second, and main, solo starts at 3:37 and ends at 4:52.


Self Care – Animals As Leaders Play CAFO

As I mentioned when I shared some Orianthi, I’m not anti-shredding. When it works, it works incredibly well. And this is yet another example of it working extremely well…

Tosin Abasi is absolutely incredible. His playing is definitely powerful, and he does something some of those shredders I don’t like don’t do… he injects quite a bit of emotion into his near-perfect playing. He’s not afraid of effects or space, and it shows.

I’m not going to put a time stamp on the guitar solo, because this song is an instrumental. So it’s the whole song.

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Great Guitar Solos – Steven Wilson and Guthrie Govan Play Porcupine Tree’s “Radioactive Toy”

(You probably noticed how this is not part of the Self Care series. There’s a reason for that…)

Remember back on February 24th, when I posted about how Agent Orange wants to expand the US’s nuclear arsenal? Well, now you know where the “radioactive toys” in the title comes from…

It reminded me of this song. Written by Steven Wilson, and originally recorded and performed by his band Porcupine Tree, this is a song that is, basically, about a nuclear holocaust. Here, it’s Steven Wilson’s solo band that performs it. It’s dark, but very much apropos…

Perhaps it needs to serve as a warning…

And, as it happens, it also has an incredible guitar solo…

There’s a short solo played by Steven Wilson himself that starts at 2:45 and ends at 3:10. But the solo that I really want to highlight is played by Guthrie Govan. It starts at 10:08 and ends with the end of the song.

Enjoy, and don’t let it get you too down or scared…

Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Led Zeppelin Plays Ten Years Gone

In honor of Physical Graffiti’s 42nd birthday (back on February 24th), here’s Ten Years Gone, an amazing song with an incredible guitar solo…

The solo starts at 2:29 and ends at 3:20. There’s another bridge, with a sort-of solo, that starts at 3:42 and ends at 4:07. There’s more lead guitar throughout the rest of the song from there, as well. The whole song is incredible.

This is just audio, so nothing to watch.


Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Beyoncé and Pete Wolford Play 1+1 (NSFW)

(There’s no nudity, but you probably don’t want to watch this music video at work.)

Now we’re definitely going off the beaten path, here, but with good reason.

I’ve always been aware of Beyoncé, but it wasn’t until I started listening to a podcast called The Read back in early 2016 (or was it late 2015?… I can’t remember) that I went from thinking “she’s talented, but not for me” to “holy shit she’s incredible, I love her music, and I could listen to it daily”. You see, Crissle and Kid Fury are probably more obsessed with Beyoncé’s music than I am with Led Zeppelin’s (which, as y’all know, is saying a lot). And that was infectious, for me, at least.

The first Beyoncé album I bought (through Tidal) was Lemonade (on the recommendation of both TWiBPrime and The Read), both the audio and the visual albums. It was so good I decided that I had to go back and listen to the rest of her solo output. So I did… and I’m definitely now a dedicated fan.

And so we get here…

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Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Camel Plays Ice

This one yet again comes from the commenters… this time rubenremus (although, to be fair, I had this one planned for the original series back on my old blog… 😀 ).

Camel is one of those bands that’s criminally underrated, with Andy Latimer being a criminally underrated guitarist.

This instrumental is very Pink Floyd-esque, with Latimer playing very Gilmour-esque guitar solos.

This is just audio, so there’s nothing to watch.

The first guitar solo (well, more of a riff, but still very solo-ish) starts at 0:07 and ends at 1:35. The second guitar solo starts at 1:52 and ends at 2:54. The third guitar solos starts at 3:57 and ends at 7:36. The fourth guitar solo starts at 8:14 and ends at 10:05 with the end of the song…


Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: King Crimson Plays The Night Watch

Another one suggested by a commenter, this time Johnny Vector.

Robert Fripp is such an incredible guitarist. His playing is very unconventional; he does some weird and very cool things with his guitar, even, somehow, when he’s just playing a straight solo. This one, King Crimson’s The Night Watch, is a nice example…

The solo starts at 2:49 and ends at 3:39.

There’s just audio here, no video…


Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Copeland Play Tin Pan Alley Live

This next one comes to us from Marcus Ranum. I love Stevie Ray Vaughan, and miss him very much. He was an amazing guitarist. Johnny Copeland was another amazing guitarist in his own right, who I also miss very much. So Stevie and Johnny playing together?

Nothing but pure guitar magic.

This is a 13 minute and 20 second video, so make sure you’ve got that time blocked off…

The first solo, played by Stevie, starts at 0:14 and ends at 1:36. The second solo, a short one played by Johnny, starts at 3:29 and ends at 3:39. The third full solo, taken by Johnny, starts at 5:33 and ends at 6:48. Stevie immediately takes the fourth solo, which starts at 6:51 and ends at 8:05. Johnny comes in with the fifth solo at 9:31, ending it at 10:52.

It’s just… so amazing. Both guitarists are mesmerizing, and both have an amazing command of the Blues. Enjoy!