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May 06 2012

Lazy Sunday: Lady Godiva’s Operation


A bunch of times I’ve heard this song being described as about a botched “sex change operation”. Whoever thinks that obviously wasn’t listening very closely and doesn’t know their queer history very well. It is indeed about a botched surgery that was often performed on trans women once upon a time. But it’s not about …

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Apr 29 2012

Lazy Sunday: Got Monsters

First of all, a quick note: sorry there was no recap yesterday. I just figured since the week had so few posts (again… -sigh-) that it wasn’t really worth sacrificing a greatly needed night away from the blaggy-blegs. I’ll recap this past week’s posts when I do the recap this coming Saturday. Moving along to …

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Apr 23 2012

Video: We Happy Trans – 7 Questions

So, I decided to make a little contribution of my own to the We Happy Trans 7 Questions project. Yes, I know my hair is weird. I’ve been playing with asymmetry lately. Deal with it. :p Here it is:

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Mar 26 2012

German Trans Girl Forcibly Institutionalized


Remember when I wrote about the 11 year old trans girl whose absentee father was trying to have her committed to involuntary inpatient psychiatric care because he believed she’d been “brainwashed” by her mother into having a female gender identity? In some of the most appalling, disgusting news I’ve ever heard, the German courts have …

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Mar 06 2012

Caustic Soda


I am exhausted. Very very exhausted. Between the controversies last week, the Axp thread, another shitstorm of atheist/skeptic bigotry and hostility and flaunted privilege over at CFI Okanagan’s Facebook page, and this lovely comment posted about me at r/lgtb: I am getting very worn out. I’m a tenacious little bitch, but even I have my …

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Feb 28 2012

Oh, And About That Bechdel Test? (And Another Cool Link!)

… how many fictional films have EVER featured two trans women discussing something other than gender, presentation or men? …how many have even featured more than one named trans character at all?!

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Jan 24 2012

Fighting Like With Like: The Homeopathic Approach To Debating Theists

  Zinnia Jones, a very intelligent, very eloquent and very badass fellow internet atheist and advocate for LGBT rights, has a new video up, “Let’s Stop Appropriating Jesus”, in which she argues against the common tactic, when debating or addressing Christians, to point out that their behaviour (bigotry, cruelty, greed, whatever) is allegedly in contradiction …

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