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Lazy Sunday: How Low


Hi, everyone!

I’m back from my little trip south of the border, and feeling much, much better. It’s funny how little it can take sometimes to make so much of a difference. Just a little of the right care in just the right places is often all it takes.

Well, the lead singer of Against Me, now going by the name Laura Grace, has now joined Mina Caputo amongst those with either the courage or brazen recklessness to transition in the public eye (not to imply that either really had much of a choice, mind). She’s announced her transition through Rolling Stone magazine. Keep an eye open for the HILARIOUS assumption that readers need to be informed that no, Laura is NOT the very first transgender musician ever.

I can’t help but feel things like this are pieces of a larger cultural shift. That they hint at something immense, and immensely beautiful. Would this have been possible even five years ago? Why now?

Let’s make the most of this now, everyone.

Anyway, I find the whole thing enjoyably recontextualizes a lot of her past work. For instance, this stark meditation on the mechanical repetitions of addiction, and the meaninglessness of statements of “I’m going to change things!” when you’re not yet able to address what really needs to be addressed. Something I understand entirely too well:


Aiofe O’Rierdan has executed one of the most brilliant metaphors for the importance of understanding intersectionality and bearing in mind the multi-facetedness of oppression that I’ve ever read.

Erica Inchoate has written a brilliant, moving piece on something particularly horrible that was done to her in an effort to “cure” her gender variance. Trigger warning for non-consensual psychosurgery. I had the privilege of meeting her this Thursday, and she really is an awesome person. And because, sadly, I know there’s that horrible part in almost all of us that wants to ask: no, you can’t “tell”. Now please consider why you wanted to know.

From the Guardian, here’s a really cool visual-graphic breakdown of LGBT rights in the US on a state-by-state basis.

And speaking of rights… both happy and sad to say that Argentina has beaten the ever self-congratulatory “developed” world to the punch on transgender human rights legislation. Congratulations, Argentina! Now, if only us in the Global North can let go of our hubris long enough to catch up.

By the way… did I mention that thing about Ontario’s courts declaring that it’s a violation of constitutionally protected human rights to require trans people to have undergone SRS in order to obtain an updated gender marker on their passport?

Because they did.

Now, if only us in the “progressive” province of BC can let go of our hubris long enough to catch up. ;)

And I’ll leave you with this:

Your tells are so obvious.
Shoulders too broad for a girl
Keeps you reminded
Helps you remember where you come from

You want them to notice
The ragged ends of your summer dress
You want them to see you like they see every other girl.
They just see a faggot. They hold their breath not to catch the sick
Washed up on the coast, I wish we could’ve spent the whole day alone
With you

You’ve got no cunt in your strut
You’ve got no hips to shake
You know it’s obvious, but we can’t choose how we’re made

Kiss kiss, dear reeders. I love you all!