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A hashtag I came up with this morning while fucking around on twitter:

  • Stop calling me “trans”. I’m not “trans”, I’m just NORMAL.
  • Oh, you’re cis? Nice to meet you! So, what’s your vagina like?
  • Wow! You look great! I never would have gussed you were cis!
  • But are you SURE you want to remain male? How do you know for sure this is right for you?
  • But “cis” people might regret not transitioning! We need strict criteria for diagnosing cisgenderism to prevent that
  • People with mental health disorders might think they’re cis when they’re really not. We can’t trust their choices
  • It’s not my fault I’m not attracted to cis ppl. I just find your bodies icky. It’s just my sexual orientation!
  • No, but what’s your REAL name? You know, the one you actually chose.
  • Wait, so you think you’re a womon-born-womon? Isn’t that just equating sex with gender and buying into the patriarchy?
  • Look son, I understand you identify as your birth sex, but why can’t you just transition to being a butch lesbian?
  • Isn’t it a bit selfish to go around claiming you’re really your birth sex and expect us all to just go along with it?
  • You may think you’re a woman because you’re XX, but I think of you as male, and you need to respect my beliefs.
  • But if we let cis men use the men’s room, what’s to stop one of them from raping your children!?!?
  • Son, you say that you’re a boy, but I think you’re a bit too young to be making that decision.
  • Honey, I know you think you want to remain male, but are you sure this isn’t just a mid-life crisis?
  • WOW! You’re so SHORT! Wish I was SHORT! Why do you want me to stop mentioning it? It’s a GOOD thing to be that SHORT!
  • You must be SO BRAVE to go through menstruation every month. It must be so hard. I really admire your courage!!!
  • You have gonads? And grow gametes inside your genitals? I’m sorry, but that’s just gross and unnatural.
  • BREAKING NEWS: WOMAN GETS PREGNANT!!! “What’s this world coming to?”
  • …Oh, it was just a CIS woman who got a pregnant. Not a real woman. Pssh. That’s not news

Go ahead and check out the #IfTransTalkedLikeCis hashtag on twitter for more, including ones by Sasha Pixlee, Sarah Moglia, Andy The Nerd, Anders and others. And OF COURSE you can tweet your own, or post some in the comments! Snarktivism!!!