Hamza Tzortzis lies again!

Islamist Hamza Tzortzis has been bragging that he is to debate me on the 15 February on his Facebook page. I was more than happy to oblige especially since his gang looked so foolish the last time they tried to debate me at my talk on the Islamic Inquisition in Dublin.

Today, though, I was told by the Atheist Society of the University College of Cork that the event was postponed since a topic couldn’t be agreed upon with the ‘Muslim Cultural Society’ (is that what they are calling demands for the Caliphate nowadays?) leaving no time for publicising the event.

Anyway it seems that Tzortzis is now bragging that I have cancelled the event. Please, don’t flatter yourselves. It is usually your lot that goes about cancelling events because you don’t like free expression and what have you – not us.

When Tzortzis suggested debating ‘Islam and Secularism: What is more rational’ I merely said that the comparison made no sense.  Islam is a belief; secularism is a principle for the separation of religion from the state and public institutions. I suggested that the debate could be ‘Theocracy and Secularism: what is more rational?’ but it seems any suggestion of a political nature were deemed ‘Islamophobic’ (go figure) or ended in a denial of the existence of theocracies.

More interestingly, Tzortzis said he wanted to stay out of politics… Yeah right! Pull someone else’s leg please. I think it’s more likely that he doesn’t want to debate me…

By the way, Hassan Radwan says he couldn’t resist responding to one of the sneering remarks about me on Tzortzis Facebook Page:

Mayra Khaleeq said: ‘Maryam Namazie really has no rational philosophical and scientific arguments against religion. I am afraid that her talks border insanity. No offense to her, she has the right to be insane, but I have the right to reject insanity.’ [Read more…]