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May 19 2014

Sudan apostasy case, New Report: Evangelising Hate – Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA); ex-Muslims internationally

Dear friend I am writing to give you an update of the work of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, including a new report on the hate group Islamic Education and Research Academy, and also ask for your help in defending an “apostate” facing death in Sudan. Sudan apostasy case The Council of Ex-Muslims of …

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Jul 30 2013

Even pregnant women are immoral


The absurdity continues. In Turkey, an Islamist or “Muslim thinker” as they are often called has said that pregnant women should stay home as “it’s disgraceful”, it’s “immorality”. The country’s highest religious body has said that whilst motherhood is a gift, pregnant women should dress more “modestly”. The misogynist comments have sparked protests, including by …

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Jun 20 2013

Even one man makes a difference


Have you heard of Turkey’s standing man? Erdem Gunduz stood silently for hours after the disgusting Turkish authorities evicted protesters from Taksim Square. There are many, many young people on the streets,” he said. “I’m nothing… The idea is important: why people resist the government…” His silent vigil inspired hundreds to follow suit. Erdem and …

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Jun 13 2013

Livestreaming from Taksim Square in Turkey

Watch livestreaming from Taksim Square in Turkey: Watch live streaming video from revoltistanbul at livestream.com Erdogan has lost his patience with the protesters. They and we have lost our patience with Erdogan and Islamism. Can you please fuck off to the Middle Ages and leave the revolutionary people of Turkey to live 21st century lives?

Jun 03 2013

Protests in Turkey continue

Dozens have been injured, two have been killed, four have permanently lost their eyesight after being hit by gas canisters or plastic bullets, and more than 1,700 people arrested in 235 demonstrations in 67 cities in Turkey. Here’s a video showing brutal attacks on protesters by security forces. İstanbul/İzmir/Ankara Occupy Gezi-The Police Violence from Aybars …

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Jun 02 2013

A kiss and the finger for Erdogan

By the way, 85 women’s groups have released a statement supporting Canan Arın, advocate and founder of Mor Çatı who is currently being charged with “insulting” Mohammed and President Abdullah Gül. During a conference on “Violence Against Women and Women Rights Law”, Arın mentioned that child marriages was a common practice in Turkey’s history mentioning …

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May 26 2013

Kiss me


In response to a public announcement by subway officials for people to “act in accordance with moral rules” after security cameras spotted a couple kissing, 100 protesters converged on an Ankara subway station and kissed! The kissing protesters also chanted and held signs saying “Free Kisses”. Now that’s how to do things! It echoes the …

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