More from the marketplace of outrage

Sikhs offended by Jay Leno’s comments have filed a lawsuit against him for his ‘racist’ comments. His crime? He made a joke about the US Presidential candidate’s wealth, saying that the Sikh Golden Temple was Romney’s summer home.

In an ironic turn of events, the Ahmadiyyas who were so outraged by the Jesus and Mo cartoon and ‘politely’ requested that the UCL atheist group remove it from their Facebook page have now in turn been told by the Kirklees Muslim Action Committee that they have no right to put on an exhibition about the Qur’an, as they ‘are not even Muslims’. Despite causing offence, the Ahmadiyyas say: ‘We believe the Holy Qur’an is our holy book and we hope to show it to the public.’ The exhibition has been postponed on police advice.

And so the saga continues…

In Kenan Malik’s interview with author Monica Ali for his book From Fatwa to Jihad, Ali says:

What we have developed today is a marketplace of outrage. And if you set up a marketplace of outrage you have to expect everyone to enter it. Everyone now wants to say, “My feelings are more hurt than yours”.

And that my dear friends is why not causing offence is NOT a principle.

(Ahmadiyya link via Sigmund; Harry’s Place link via Adam Barnett)