Islam’s abominations are too obvious for you to excuse

I have now posted the full video of the 8 December UCL debate on ‘Sharia law negates human rights’. You’ve already read about handshake-gate but there is a lot more to say on this.

What took place at the debate is nothing new.

Our opponents, Ayyaz Mahmood and Jonathan Butterworth, were quick to brush aside any evidence of Sharia law’s negation of human rights by saying that none of it is true Islam nor is it mentioned in the Koran. They say this even though they know full well that Sharia law is based not only on the Koran but the Hadith (sayings and actions of Mohammad) and Islamic jurisprudence.

Stoning is one such example. Proponents will dishonestly say that stoning is not mentioned in the Koran knowing full well that is mentioned in the Hadith and that it is part and parcel of Sharia law: [Read more…]