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Oct 29 2013

No Woman No Drive

I’ve been busy putting together the second issue of Fitnah’s publication Unveiled, which will focus on the burqa and niqab ban. In the meanwhile though I did want to give a quick heads up to the video “No Woman No Drive” which has gone viral. It’s a spoof by Heesham Fagheeh, a social activist and artist, …

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Aug 09 2013

I stand with Raif Badawi

Aug 02 2013

On Raif Badawi: When is it going to end?

raif badawi-cbsnews-com

I reported on Raif Badawi before here. The founder of a website calling for religious liberalisation has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes. How does someone survive 600 lashes? Since they couldn’t execute him for apostasy as was initially planned, they hope to kill him with 600 lashes (150 at a …

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May 01 2013

Saudi advertising campaign not enough


Monica Lanfranco has written an article in Italy’s Il Fatto Quotidiano on the first Saudi campaign against domestic violence here. A poster of the educational campaign can be seen above. In the article she quotes me saying: This anti-violence campaign in Saudi Arabia is clearly in response to the public outrage over the death of …

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Apr 05 2013

Yaay! Saudi Arabia lifts ban on female cyclists


Yaay! There are reports that Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on female cyclists! A Saudi daily cited an unnamed official as saying women can now ride bikes in parks and recreational areas but must wear a full-body abaya, be accompanied by a male relative, and stay within certain areas. They are allowed to bike for recreational …

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Dec 31 2012

In Defence of Raif Badawi, Turki Al-Hamad and Hamza Kashgari

See the latest video from the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s Webforum Admin on the recent cases of apostasy and blasphemy in Saudi Arabia:

Oct 02 2012

Women are always expendable

Did you hear that Ikea had airbrushed all women out of their Saudi Arabian catalogue? Ikea released a statement expressing regret over the issue: “We should have reacted and realised that excluding women from the Saudi Arabian version of the catalogue is in conflict with the Ikea Group values.” Starbucks it seems also removed the …

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May 28 2012

None of your business!

For those who think all ‘Muslims’ think alike and love to live under restrictions and Sharia law, here’s a brilliant video of a Saudi woman refusing to comply with the demand of the morality police that she leave the mall because her hair is showing, she’s got nail polish and lip stick. She stands her …

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Feb 07 2012

This is why we’re defending free expression – for the likes of Hamza Kashgari

Hamza Kashgari, a young journalist, was banned from writing in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Minister of Information and has reportedly been forced to flee after being accused of blasphemy, atheism, and apostasy and following calls for his head. His crime? Tweeting about Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, including about how he’s equal to him and how …

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Dec 12 2011

Beheading is not real Islam or Sharia!?

According to a Saudi Interior Ministry statement, a woman, Amina Bint Abdulhalim Nassar, was beheaded today in the northern province of Jawf for ‘practising witchcraft and sorcery’. Yes beheaded and yes for witchcraft and sorcery. Oh but according to the Ahmadiyyas who I debated last Thursday (and which I will be blogging about later today), …

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Dec 03 2011

Women driving leads to the end of virginity

‘Scholars’ at Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council have warned that allowing women to drive would bring about a surge in ‘corruption’, ‘homosexuality’ and ‘divorce’. It would also be the ‘end of virginity’. Well then, drive they must. (Via Mostafa Saber)    

Nov 16 2011

Women: how not to get punished!

Here’s a good video for women who keep getting punished. It’s unnecessary as long as you remember to ask permission and to know your place…

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