March 2013: Policing nudity encourages perverse relationship to body, self and sexuality

March 2013 is here.

The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of Writer and Publicist Saskia Vogel.


She says:

I joined this ‘scream’ in solidarity with Elmahdy, but not exclusively to raise awareness about Islamists and their relationship to the female body. I joined because the female body is a source of shame and female sexuality is treated as something suspect around the world, and on a personal note, most frustratingly in the US, the country of my birth. The academic David Hermann’s ‘Rumpelstiltskin Hypothesis’ goes some way to explain the power and purpose of Namazie’s calendar. He says “following the fundamental contrarian idea that if there are those ready to be offended, and whose readiness for offence curtails our individual freedom, then we should strive to offend them hard, loud, often, and wherever possible, until they burst.” By standing in solidarity with Elmahdy through this calendar, hopefully we’ll gain a critical mass of attention that will call into question the perception of the female body. [Read more…]