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Dec 04 2011

Atheist or rapist?

A study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that religious believers distrust atheists more than any other religious groups, gays and feminists (and you know how much they hate them). The only other group they distrust as much are rapists!!? Atheists on the other hand were indifferent to people’s religious …

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Nov 26 2011

Poor Christians – No relief from the ‘gaystapos’

In a Church of England (COE) newspaper, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party Alan Craig uses a series of Nazi metaphors describing gay rights activists as the ‘gaystapo’ crushing people ‘under the pink jackboot’.

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Nov 26 2011

And you thought only Islam was anti-woman

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups find the female image ‘offensive’ and women’s voices seductive so they ban both. In recent months, women’s faces have disappeared from billboards across the city due to defacement of posters with women on them.

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Nov 19 2011

Forget breasts, cover those tempting eyes!


The Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (yes, it’s really their name), can order women with ‘tempting’ eyes to cover them up.

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Nov 08 2011

Religious principles are not height of morality but immorality! On faith schools

Here is a short video clip on faith schools and religious morality from a programme I was on a while ago. Love Richard Dawkins’ intervention in the end on apostasy…