Poor Little Victims (yeah right!)

At the Queen Mary talk two nights ago, I had yet another Sharia apologist come up to me and ask whether I would be willing to debate the pro-Sharia lobby so that there can be a ‘fair’ hearing on the issues. Well I have always ‘debated’ with Islamists when possible (knowing full well that they would be more than happy to decapitate me if we were in their territory). Ironic when you think that this very talk was initially cancelled due to Islamist threats not long ago.

Seriously, don’t you lot ever tire of playing the victim?

Err the last time I looked, you all have political power – and implementing your despicable Sharia courts up and down the country and across the world.

And you want to talk about ‘fair’. Pulease! Sell it to someone else.

We are behind you

The UCL Atheist president has resigned. To those who have resigned and the ones who will take their places: Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. We are behind you and we aim to win…

As an aside, the UCL Union said in a statement: ‘The atheist society has agreed they will take more consideration when drawing up publicity for future events.’ I suggest that the UCL Union take more consideration when censoring free expression and appeasing Islamists. They are not going to get away with it anymore.


The president of Queen Mary atheist group has not resigned. She just sent me the following email:

I have not resigned. I want to see the society through this turbulent time at least untill the police investigation has been resolved.

I will then review the situation and decide how to proceed with the society.

I am happy to answer any other questions that you may have, and look forward to rescheduling the talk.




Why remove One Law for All’s name?

On the cancellation of our talk, New Humanist magazine wrote: Yesterday evening, a talk on “Sharia Law and Human Rights” organised by the Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society at Queen Mary, University London, had to be cancelled after threats of violence. The talk was due to be given by Anne Marie Waters of the One Law For All campaign, which campaigns against the use of Sharia in the UK.

Correction: The British Humanist Association posted a press release on the cancellation as well (it did so first) without any reference to Anne Marie and One Law for All.

An oversight maybe?

More likely it is part of the ongoing effort to ignore the real links between campaigning against Sharia law and attacks on free expression as well as their priority of working with religions rather than keeping religion out of the public sphere.

Mentioned or not, though, we mean business and we will get rid of Sharia law.