Do something useful on valentine’s day

valentin Why not do something useful on valentine’s Day (besides eating chocolate) and support political prisoners in Iran.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran is organising protests today asking us all to remember that lack of medical attention in Iranian prisons has put the lives of hundreds of political prisoners in danger. The Islamic régime in Iran is refusing to provide necessary medical attention to them, killing them silently. Conditions for these prisoners are horrific but unfortunately most people are not aware of the situation in Iran’s notorious prisons.

On this Valentine’s Day, please show your support for the campaign called “Don’t let their Heartbeat stop!”

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Find out more about rallies today and the campaign here.

Act now: political prisoners in Iran

For the attention of the general public, trade unions and human rights organisations:

Political prisoners die in Iran’s prisons
The Islamic Republic is responsible.
An immediate international action is required

On June 21, 2013, Afshin Osanlou, an inter-city bus driver and a well-known working class activist, who had been held in prison since fall 2010, died at the age of 42 at Rajai-shahr Prison in Iran due to heart failure. Afshin’s family say he did not have a history of heart condition. Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence kidnapped Afshin in the fall of 2010, tortured him for several months at the infamous Ward-209 of the notorious Evin Prison, broke his teeth and fractured his ribs. Afshin was eventually sentenced to five years in prison following a trial lasting a few minutes and without a lawyer and then later he was unexpectedly transferred to Rajai-shahr Prison.

Given that a large number of political prisoners have already died in the Islamic Republic’s prisons, especially in Rajai-shahr Prison, the political prisoners in Iran are worried that now that the regime does not dare execute political prisoners openly, it is using this method to kill them. Sattar Beheshti, Hoda Saaber, Alireza Karami Kheyrabadi, Zahra Baniyaqoub, Mohsen Dogmechi, Mansour Radpour, Zahra Kazemi, Omidreza Mirsiyafi, Heshmat Saaran, Alborz Qasemi, Akbar Mohammadi, Hassan Nahid, Abdolreza Rajabi, Mohammad Kamrani, and Ali Akbar Saidee Sirjani are among the many political prisoners that have died in the Islamic Republic prisons in recent years. Lack of proper facilities, ignoring the hygiene and health conditions of the prisoners, alongside malnutrition, physical and psychological torture and the prisoners’ concerns about the wellbeing of their families are among the major causes of the physical and psychological ailments affecting the prisoners. The regime’s judicial system denies medical care to prisoners, some with serious illnesses. An added worry of the political prisoners at present is the authorities’ murderous plans against them, so they do not even trust the drugs that are given to them in prisons. [Read more…]

Free political prisoners in Iran

Following the so-called 2013 Islamic regime’s presidential election and announcing Hassan Rowhani as the president, there was a demand, which was imposed on him by people, that stood up against all others: the release of all political prisoners.

Rowhani announced that he will release political prisoners and will give freedom to the press. During the last 34 years, regime and its leaders, including Rowhani, have been telling the world that Iran has no political prisoners!! Now, under the pressure from people in Iran, the regime and its presidential candidate have been forced to mention this in their election campaigns. This is the first time that the Islamic regime has admitted there are political prisoners in Iran.

20june2013koodakanThe 2013 sham election was neither free nor fair by any international standards. The promise by Rowhani is a perfect example of people’s power in Iran. Prior to the “election”, Khamenei begged people, even those who are against the regime, to vote. This showed how weak and desperate the regime is.

Rowhani is part of the establishment and will not release political prisoners and will not allow any freedom for people or the press. The freedom of all political prisoners is tied to the struggle of people in Iran as well as the work of international campaigns such as CFFPI.

On 20 June 2013, the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran, we call on all concerned individuals and organisations to join CFPPI and show their support and solidarity with political prisoners in Iran. [Read more…]

I Insist

In a letter, Iranian political prisoner Behnam Ebrahimzadeh insists on being released to see his severely sick child stricken with cancer in hospital. Nine other political prisoners have also written a statement calling for pressure to be exerted on the Islamic regime in Iran to release Behnam.

See both letters below:

Letter from Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, Political Prisoner, Ward 35, Evin Prison
January 2013

I was putting up with the prison pain, but suddenly I was stricken with grief.

I don’t know when it was, maybe eight to nine days ago, when I heard that my only child, my 13-year old Nima, already overcome by the pain of separation from his father and all kinds of deprivation, has been admitted to Mahak Hospital, a hospital for children with cancer; a bitter experience and a shocking moment, which have pierced deep into my soul.

I don’t know about the condition of my darling child. My wife doesn’t clearly tell me, but she hopes that I would soon be given leave to come and see them. I have therefore asked for leave, which if granted would certainly have a great impact on me and my sick child. This is the only moment in the life of a father, which he doesn’t want to lose under any circumstances. So, thanks to my friends, I have come up with a property surety, and like in the past when I have asked for things, I have been given a favourable answer. But maybe this time too it will turn out to be just words.

Under these circumstances, with thousands of thoughts in my mind about my son Nima, remembering the empty promises of those in charge has turned my suffering into an excruciating pain. I have to be at the side of my sick child. This is my right. I am a political prisoner, whose anguish over his son’s illness has made everything look dark. There are several courses of action open to me, one of which is to go on a dry hunger strike. Maybe I’ll get an answer that way.

I want to choose patience and endurance, while resisting and putting pressure; however, anything can happen. First, deprivation from food, leave, proper visits, telephone, medical care, etc., and now deprivation from the right to be at the side of my sick child is what is going to break me down.

I insist on my demand for leave to visit my child; at the same time, I appeal to everyone to support the rights of my child and to help his recovery. Who would have thought that someone who for years has fought for children’s and workers’ rights, would one day be in prison for his beliefs and defence of children, and then hear that groups of compassionate people, friends and comrades are visiting his sick child, but he himself isn’t able to stroke the feverish head of his child?

I will defy and resist, as I have done up to now, but who is answerable for all this injustice and suffering? Who is responsible for the condition that my child Nima is in? [Read more…]

Stop persecution of worker activists and political prisoners in Iran. Free them now!

The regime in Iran has again stepped up its persecution of worker activists – from more arrests to harassment of those already in jail and their families. These activists are in prison purely for their trade union activities. They must be freed immediately and unconditionally.

Reza Shahabi is a leader of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company. He has been in prison for the past two and a half years. Shahabi suffers from a number of ailments, and since last week in protest against denial of proper medical care has begun a hunger strike and is also refusing medicines. There are now serious concerns for his health.

Five members of the workers’ organisation the Co-ordinating Committee to Help Set Up Labour Organisations have been arrested in the city of Bokan in the West of Iran. They are: Jamal Mina Shiri, Ebrahim Mostafa Poor, Ghasem Mostafa Poor, Hadi Tanomand and Mohammad Karimi. Their families, who have been protesting outside the Intelligence Ministry, have been told that the detained activists will remain in prison for another week.

Pedram Nassrollahi, a member of the Co-ordinating Committee to Help Set Up Labour Organisations, has had a third court hearing where his 19-month sentence has been confirmed. He has also been moved to solitary confinement and is currently incommunicado. [Read more…]

20 June: Join 28 cities in support of political prisoners in Iran

For the last thirty three years, the Islamic Regime in Iran has robbed Iranian citizens of their most basic human rights in order to stay in power. The slightest criticism of the government is met with immediate arrest, unspeakable torture and even execution. Tens of thousands of men and women including juveniles as young as 12, were tortured and executed in the 1980s during the mass executions of political prisoners, which was the topic of a 145 page document by the prominent UN jurist; Mr. Geoffrey Robertson. Not only have these executions continued to this day, they have dramatically increased since an uprising in 2009. There is a systematic campaign underway by the Iranian regime to severely crumble civil society by targeting journalists, lawyers, human rights activists, women’s rights advocates, labor activists, religious minorities, homosexuals, and student protestors. In addition, authorities have restricted access to information by blocking websites, impairing internet, and jamming foreign satellite broadcasts. The regime has shown that it will stop at absolutely nothing in order to ensure staying in power. There are thousands upon thousands of well documented cases by various human rights organizations regarding the gross human rights violations of political dissidents in Iran. The UN appointed Special Rapporteur to Iran, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, presented a report on the worsening situation in Iran as recently as March 2012, yet authorities have so far refused to allow him access to the country.

We at CFFPI have chosen June 20th as the International day in support of political prisoners in Iran to highlight the Iranian Holocaust of political prisoners. We ask you to join us on this day in solidarity in 28 cities across the globe, to be their voice and say no to the barbaric Islamic Regime in Iran. Join us wherever you are, whoever you are in any way you can. Humanity needs your help.

Check our weblog for the list of participating cities>> 28 cities have joined

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