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Feb 14 2014

Do something useful on valentine’s day


Why not do something useful on valentine’s Day (besides eating chocolate) and support political prisoners in Iran. Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran is organising protests today asking us all to remember that lack of medical attention in Iranian prisons has put the lives of hundreds of political prisoners in danger. The Islamic régime …

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Jul 06 2013

Act now: political prisoners in Iran

For the attention of the general public, trade unions and human rights organisations: Political prisoners die in Iran’s prisons The Islamic Republic is responsible. An immediate international action is required On June 21, 2013, Afshin Osanlou, an inter-city bus driver and a well-known working class activist, who had been held in prison since fall 2010, …

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Jun 20 2013

Free political prisoners in Iran


Following the so-called 2013 Islamic regime’s presidential election and announcing Hassan Rowhani as the president, there was a demand, which was imposed on him by people, that stood up against all others: the release of all political prisoners. Rowhani announced that he will release political prisoners and will give freedom to the press. During the …

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Jan 18 2013

I Insist

In a letter, Iranian political prisoner Behnam Ebrahimzadeh insists on being released to see his severely sick child stricken with cancer in hospital. Nine other political prisoners have also written a statement calling for pressure to be exerted on the Islamic regime in Iran to release Behnam. See both letters below: Letter from Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, …

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Dec 28 2012

Stop persecution of worker activists and political prisoners in Iran. Free them now!

The regime in Iran has again stepped up its persecution of worker activists – from more arrests to harassment of those already in jail and their families. These activists are in prison purely for their trade union activities. They must be freed immediately and unconditionally. Reza Shahabi is a leader of the Union of Workers …

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Jun 19 2012

20 June: Join 28 cities in support of political prisoners in Iran

For the last thirty three years, the Islamic Regime in Iran has robbed Iranian citizens of their most basic human rights in order to stay in power. The slightest criticism of the government is met with immediate arrest, unspeakable torture and even execution. Tens of thousands of men and women including juveniles as young as …

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