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Nov 27 2013

Britain should ban the niqab

Interview-photo-by-Shokooh Bakhtiari

Here’s me on Channel 4thought.tv on whether Britain should ban the niqab/burqa? Err yes. See it here. By the way, Fitnah’s third issue is almost ready for publication and will focus on secularism. It’s good to remind everyone to look at the November issue of Unveiled which focused on the veil and burqa. I am posting …

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Oct 26 2013

Niqab: a human right, a security concern or a symbol of oppression?

Here’s a video of the niqab debate I took part in last week at the LSE. It’s not the best footage but you can see the discussion if you’re interested:

Oct 14 2013

Is the niqab a human right, security concern or symbol of oppression?

LSESU Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society public debate Date: Tuesday 15 October 2013 Time: 6.30-8pm Venue: CLM4.02, Clement House Speakers: Akeela Ahmed, Edie Friedman, Taj Hargey, Maryam Namazie Chair: Professor Chetan Bhatt Is the Niqab (face veil) a human right, a security concern or a symbol of oppression? Given the most recent events, this debate …

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Sep 19 2013

To ban or not to ban the burka


Again the “veil controversy”. And as usual full of misinformation and deception. Let me clear a few things up: First off, no one is calling for an all-out ban on the veil though proponents often give this impression. Even the French ban is not an all-out ban; it merely bans all “conspicuous religious symbols” – …

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