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Jul 03 2013

Long live revolutionary people of Egypt


Majid Nawaaz writes on Facebook: “With mass protests against Islamist rule in Egypt, I hope we finally see the end of regressive-leftists claiming that Islamism is the “indigenous” voice of Muslims in Egypt. In other words, please be quiet you lazy, ignorant, reverse-racist, reductionist subscribers to the poverty of expectations. Egypt doesn’t want Islamism. Get …

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Jul 02 2013

Egypt’s fight is against Islamism


Millions of protesters are demanding Morsi’s resignation; 22 million signatures have been collected calling for him to step down. If anyone mis-labelled the “Arab Spring” a “Black Spring“, they should think again. The uprisings and revolutions of the Middle East and North Africa were never in support of Islamism though it was labelled as such …

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Mar 28 2013

Only you are to blame

Islamists who are supporters or part of the Morsi government have said that women are to blame for the increasing rape and sexual assault in Egypt.This despite the fact that there is clear evidence that much of it is state-sponsored and that a large number of those assaulted are veiled women. “How do they ask the …

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Feb 12 2013

No time for shoes

وقتی مرسی پابرهنه از مسجد گریخت!

Did you hear the report saying Morsi had to run out of a mosque leaving his shoes behind in order to evade protesters. It reminds me of the song, “run oppressor man, where you gonna run to?” All I can say is: it’s good to be alive today. Real good.