December 2012: I carry it with me wherever I go

December 2012 is here. The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of Syrian American photographer Mallorie Nasrallah.

Here’s what she says:

Every time the shame some people demand women feel about their bodies is brought to light I quite literally want to scream. I have been working as an erotic photographer for eight years, and I feel an intense camaraderie with the outgoing and amazing women I work with daily. I felt this was a wonderful opportunity to show support for one such courageous woman, and put myself on the other side of the lens.

She adds:

When a tool of oppression can be turned in to an assertion of power, it is a beautiful thing. Nudity when celebrated harms no one, and when made shameful and barbaric harms everyone. This is a venue of celebration, and a statement of self ownership on the part of all involved, why not use something so amazing?

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