What about the children?

In a letter to the National Secular Society, Children & Families Minister Tim Loughton has said he was not convinced that it would be practicable for Government to implement a national register of madrassas and that any consideration of this would have to include all supplementary schools. To focus only on madrassas would appear discriminatory and could reinforce unhelpful stereotypes.

This despite the fact that there have been loads of evidence of abuse taking place in these schools. A BBC investigation revealed that over 400 allegations of physical abuse (and 30 of sexual abuse) were made at Britain’s madrassas in the last three years. Only 10 cases went to court, and of these only two apparently led to convictions. A Channel 4 Dispatches documentary also revealed abuse. [Read the Council of Ex-Muslims statement on the Dispatches documentary here.]

Err but hold on, what about the children?

Oh yes, sorry, the Chidren and Families Minister has more to worry about than abused children and their families…

Yet another example on how defending Islam and Islamic schools take priority to defending children and citizens from abuse.

(Via Anne Marie Waters)