LSE Student Union: Can we have a resolution on Christianity-phobia, Atheism-phobia and Judaism-phobia too?

I ask that the LSE Student Union hold another Emergency meeting to issue a resolution on Judaism-phobia, Christianity-phobia and Atheism-phobia. If criticising Islam is racist and discriminatory, well why not the criticism of Judaism, Christianity, or Atheism? I feel left out and to be honest – slightly offended…

Here’s what the resolution on Christianity-phobia would look like. [This is the SU’s original resolution; I have just exchanged the two terms. The comments in brackets are my own].

No to racism – no to Christianityphobia!

Union notes
1. The rise of Christianityphobia in the United Kingdom and world-wide
2. The rise of the extreme right in Europe [including Islamism, which is a far-Right movement]
3. The Christianityphobic offences internationally
4. Recent Christianityphobic incidents at LSE. [The Jesus and Mo cartoon will suffice as evidence] [Read more…]