Iran: jailed labour activist moved to interrogation unit of prison

Behnam and Nima EbrahimzadehBehnam Ebrahimzadeh, who has been in prison since June 2010 on a five-year sentence for union activities, has been moved to Ward 209 of Evin Prison in Tehran. Ward 209 is the interrogation unit of the prison, run by the Ministry of Intelligence, where torture and maltreatment is routinely practised as part of the interrogations.

Ebrahimzadeh is a member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Labour Organisations and a campaigner for children’s rights. He has been subjected to severe tortures during his incarceration. Also, during a recent assault on political prisoners in Ward 350, he was among the prisoners who were severely beaten up and injured.

It should also be noted that Mr Ebrahimzadeh’s 15-year old son is ill with leukaemia, a fact that has added to his psychological traumas.

Given the fact that Ebrahimzadeh has now been transferred to the interrogation ward of the prison, there are growing concerns for his wellbeing. We urge labour organisations and human rights groups around the world to condemn the continued detention of Behnam Ebrahimzadeh and call for his immediate and unconditional release.

Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran

Iran: another worker arrested as persecution of labour activists intensifies

iran-two-more-labour-activists-floggedFollowing the recent arrest of six labour activists in the city of Sanandaj in the west of Iran, another worker by the name of Ghaleb Hosseini (pictured on right), a member of the Co-ordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisations, was arrested on 19 March. The activists arrested earlier in the month are Vafa Ghaderi, Seyed Khaled Hosseini, Ali Azadi, Behzad Farajollahi, Hamed Mahmoud Nejad and Sharif Saed Panah.

The first five activists are also members of the Co-ordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisations, and were arrested on 7 March. Sharif Saed Panah is an executive member of the Free Union of Iranian Workers and an organiser of the 30,000-signature pay-rise campaign. He was arrested on 10 March. All these activists are being held purely for their union activities, and must be released immediately and unconditionally. [Read more…]