The day the music died

Did you hear about Pragash Band, an all girls rock band from Kashmir, which has had to stop singing after receiving a string of death and rape threats as well as a fatwa against them by the Grand Mufti for being “un-Islamic”, “immoral” and “for spreading obscenity”…


Just in case you haven’t quite understood the severity of the matter, the teenagers have had the gall to sing in public.

The Mufti has also called on women to veil and said that the reason sexual assaults are on the rise is because women are performing in public!?

Anyone who has ever lived under such Islamic rule knows it well. You’re not allowed to listen to music, sing in public, dance…

The day medieval Muftis and Islamists decide is the day the music dies.

Regardless, a large number of people, including the Chief minister, have come out in support of the girls.

As must we.