Iraqi Labour Unions Protest

Press release: by the Iraqi Labor Unions regarding the Interventions and Violations Carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Violations to the freedoms of organization of unions is continuing and have been repeated in many procedures and practices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which inhibits the right of freedom of organization to unions and its diversity.

The correspondence of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, which stipulates the prevention to deal with labor unions and syndicates, and coerces to deal exclusively with a government union founded by the government itself, is a flagrant violation of freedom of association and protection of the right to organize.

For that purpose, the below-noted representatives of Iraqi unions met on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Baghdad. The following statement has been released to confirm the following points: [Read more...]

Appeal to the authorities of Kurdistan to reverse the death penalty for Kouistane Sediq

ECPM and Iraqi Coalition Statement (1)Kouistane Sediq is at danger of being hanged in Iraq after being sentenced to death by the court of Kalar for murdering her husband. She is imprisoned in the jail of Salam in Sulaymaniyah and shares a cell with six other women also sentenced to death. Kouistane, a mother of four, has not been allowed to see her children once since her arrest in February 2012.

The situation of the death penalty in Iraqi Kurdistan is unclear as is the institutional reality in Northern Iraq. The Kurdistan Regional Government promulgates its own criminal laws and amendments to the Iraqi criminal law, and applies a moratorium on executions. The Iraqi federal government meanwhile continues to apply the death penalty. The crime Mrs. Kouistane Sediq is charged with took place on a territory, which the local and federal authorities are disputing the control of.

Although ultimately imprisoned in Sulaymaniyah, Kouistane Sediq, who receives no support from the Ministry of Human Rights in Iraq, is worried about the outcome of her conviction.

The Iraqi Coalition against the death penalty, which has been supporting her for several weeks, was able to visit her in her cell. At this meeting, Kouistane pleads her innocence:

“I feel freer here in prison. Before my arrest, I did not spend one day without being humiliated or abused by my husband. I filed eight complaints at the police station, each time I had to return home against my will. All my complaints are recorded at the police station. Once my husband pulled a gun in my father’s house, fortunately nobody was hit. My husband had many enemies, and me, I have supported him for more than ten years, how could I participate in his murder?”. [Read more...]