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Jul 16 2014

ISIS is no-one’s representative

داعش نماينده هىچ کس نيست ۱۶ ژوئيه ۲۰۱۴ مصاحبه با هوزان محمود٬ سخنگوى سازمان آزادى زنان در عراق ISIS is no-one’s representative 15 July 2014 Interview with Houzan Mahmoud, Spokesperson of Organisation for Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Jul 18 2013

Iraqi Labour Unions Protest

Press release: by the Iraqi Labor Unions regarding the Interventions and Violations Carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Violations to the freedoms of organization of unions is continuing and have been repeated in many procedures and practices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which inhibits the right of freedom …

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Mar 19 2013

Appeal to the authorities of Kurdistan to reverse the death penalty for Kouistane Sediq

ECPM and Iraqi Coalition Statement (1)

Kouistane Sediq is at danger of being hanged in Iraq after being sentenced to death by the court of Kalar for murdering her husband. She is imprisoned in the jail of Salam in Sulaymaniyah and shares a cell with six other women also sentenced to death. Kouistane, a mother of four, has not been allowed …

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