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Jul 17 2014

20 July: Intl Day to defy fasting rules


The Bread and Roses team will be at Hyde Park across from Serpentine cafe at 1pm on Sunday 20 July to defy fasting rules during Ramadan in solidarity with the many beaten, harassed, flogged and arrested for eating and drinking during Ramadan in Iran and elsewhere.You can either join our picnic if you are close …

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Jul 16 2014

20 July – International Day to Defy Ramadan Fasting Rules

ژوئيه – روز بين اللمللى روزه خوارى 20 در همبستگى با کسانى که براى خوردن در ماه رمضان اذيت و زندانى مى شوند برنامه نان و گل ۲۰ ژوئيه را روز بين اللمللى روزه خوارى اعلام کرده است 20 July – International Day to Defy Ramadan Fasting Rules In solidarity with people who are beaten, …

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Jul 12 2014

July 12: International Day of Solidarity with Reza Shahabi and Behnam Ebrahimzadeh


Join the international day of solidarity with jailed labour activists in Iran, in particular Reza Shahabi and Behnam Ebrahimzadeh who need urgent medical care. You can download the poster of the jailed workers, take a photo of yourself holding the poster and send it to Fariborz Pooya ([email protected]) to publicise on New Channel TV. Join us. …

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Jul 09 2014

12 July Action: Free Labour Activists Now!

Worker-communist Party of Iran Abroad – UK branch is calling all Trade unions and labour organisations, human rights bodies and the public to support and join the international solidarity with imprisoned Iranian Labour activist Reza Shahabi and Behnam Ebrahimzaden. Reza Shabi is a member of the Executive Committee of Tehran Vahed Bus Company Workers’ Union …

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Jul 09 2014

Women in the Revolutions

Bread and Roses TV – A Political Social Magazine on New Channel TV With Maryam Namazie, Fariborz Pooya, and Bahram Soroush Director: Reza Moradi; Programme Consultant: Poone Ravi برنامه نان و گل سرخ مجله ای سیاسی – اجتماعی در کانال جديد با فريبرز پويا٬ بهرام سروش و مريم نمازى کارگردان: رضا مرادى٬ مشاور برنامه: پونه …

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Jul 06 2014

Support Iranian Labour activists. Reza Shahabi life is in danger


Reza Shahabi and Behanm Ebrahimzadeh need urgent support The life of Reza Shahabi is in real danger Reza Shahabi, a member of the executive board of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company(Vahed), has been jailed for his part in the great bus workers’ strike in 2006 and in forming the …

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Jul 06 2014

Happy eating during Ramadan!

روزه خوارى شما مبارک

Jun 25 2014

Executions protect state not society

This week’s Programme on Bread and Roses TV in Persian and English. عدام براى حفاطت از دولت است نه جامعه برنامه نان و گل سرخ مجله ای سیاسی – اجتماعی در کانال جديد٬ ۲۵ ژوئن ۲۰۱۴ با فريبرز پويا٬ بهرام سروش و مريم نمازى مصاحبه با سخنگوى کميته بين المللى عليه اعدام و سنگسار مينا …

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Jun 22 2014

In support of Shahin Najafi’s nude protest for political prisoners in Evin

پيام به شاهين نجفى و گروهش از مريم نمازى٬ فريبرز پويا و بهرام سروش٬ برنامه نان و گل سرخ در دفاع از اعتراض عريان کارگردان: رضا مرداى مشاور برنامه: پونه راوى

Jun 03 2014

Stealthy Freedom and unveiled women in Iran

Watch this week’s Bread and Roses TV on Stealthy Freedom and Unveiling of Women in Iran. In English. Interview with Journal Editor Keyvan Javid. UPDATE: Farsi programme below. Clearly an Islamic regime with unveiled women walking around is impossible. An advisor to Khamenei has said the regime has lost control of compulsory veiling.   Yes it has… …

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May 31 2014

A female earthquake by “stealth”


My editorial in May issue of Fitnah’s “Unveiled” (Full Issue available here) Tehranˈs Interim Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoeslam Kazem Sedighi recently said: “In certain towns and cities, some have been seen to have removed their headscarves. This lack of hijab has infiltrated homes via internet and satellite TV…” Hadi Sharifi, a “media activist” interviewed by Tasnim, a state-run …

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May 21 2014

Free Happy Iranians

.همه کسانی که در نسخه ایرانی موزیک ویدئوی آهنگ خوشحال ساخته فرل ویلیامز در ایران نقش آفرینی کردند، شناسایی و بازداشت شده اند چرا با رقصيدن در خيابانها از آنها حمايت نکنيم؟ برنامه نان و گل سرخ مى تواند ويديوهاى شما در حين رقص را از طريق کانال جديد پخش کند؛ ويديو کليپهاى کوتاه تان …

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May 19 2014

Sudan apostasy case, New Report: Evangelising Hate – Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA); ex-Muslims internationally

Dear friend I am writing to give you an update of the work of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, including a new report on the hate group Islamic Education and Research Academy, and also ask for your help in defending an “apostate” facing death in Sudan. Sudan apostasy case The Council of Ex-Muslims of …

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May 07 2014

Iran: jailed labour activist moved to interrogation unit of prison

Behnam and Nima Ebrahimzadeh

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, who has been in prison since June 2010 on a five-year sentence for union activities, has been moved to Ward 209 of Evin Prison in Tehran. Ward 209 is the interrogation unit of the prison, run by the Ministry of Intelligence, where torture and maltreatment is routinely practised as part of the interrogations. …

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May 05 2014

Iran: Azim Zadeh and Mohammadi moved to the interrogation ward of Evin Prison

Continued detention of two union leaders Monday, 5 May 2014 The Free Union of Workers in Iran (Ettehadiye Azad e Kargaran e Iran) has reported about the continued detention of the leader and an Executive Committee member of the Union in Evin Prison in Tehran. Jafar Azim Zadeh and Jamil Mohammadi were arrested in the …

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Apr 27 2014

Sharia law is madness

maryam-namazie-photo by Mallorie Nassrallah-small

The below is Maryam Namazie’s editorial published in the April 2014 issue of Unveiled: A Publication of Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation. Sharia law is highly contested and vehemently opposed in many places across the globe. In Algeria, women’s rights activists singing for change label 20 years of Sharia in the family code as 20 years of …

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Apr 27 2014

Fitnah Unveiled: On Sharia Law


Unveiled: A Publication of Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation April 2014, Volume 2, Issue 4 Editor: Maryam Namazie. Design: Kiran Opal. Layout: Jim Sharples. PDF VERSION OF FITNAH UNVEILED APRIL ISSUE: fitnah-UNVEILED28-apr14-A4 Editorial Sharia law is madness Maryam Namazie Sharia law is highly contested and vehemently opposed in many places across the globe. In Algeria, …

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Apr 13 2014

Iranian cultural figures and artists outside Iran stand united against the execution of Rayhaneh Jabbari

Let us band together to save someone from capital punishment. Let us not stand by and watch as a precious life is snuffed out. Rayhaneh Jabbari is 26 years old. At age 19 she was charged with the murder of Morteza Sarbandi, a doctor and a former employee of the Ministry of Intelligence and Surveillance …

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Apr 13 2014

Ghesas and Execution are the same

Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary-general of the Iranian High Council for Human Rights recently said: “The problem lies in that the west does not understand that Ghesas code [retribution] is different from execution. A verdict of Ghesas belongs to the aggrieved who can either pardon the condemned or impose the sentence”. Mohammad Javad Larijani said: …

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Mar 02 2014

I am left cursing

Here’s a video of a young man being executed in Iran. He wants to say goodbye to his mother who can be heard screaming in the crowd. He struggles with the regime’s executioners, kicks one of them to cheers in the crowd but is then subdued and hung… You can then hear the regime’s mercenaries …

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