International Online event protests hereditary religion

Parents worldwide routinely commit their children to religious organizations to be groomed as members of the faith. Though the practice is widely accepted, a growing number of people around the world believe the practice violates the children’s human rights. In order to voice this concern, the second annual Day of Protest Against Hereditary Religion is scheduled for January 20, 2013.

Some children suffer emotional harm from their confrontation with fearful dogma and superstition at an early age. Although civil libertarians have long objected to this practice, clergy in most faiths argue that a child is always free to chose a different faith when they reach their majority—usually 18 years of age—and leave the family home. The protest organizers feel this argument is disingenuous because every effort is made during the child’s formative years to insure they will never leave the faith, including the inculcation of fear and the threat of ostracizing by family and community. [Read more…]