Do you remember Gulnaz?

Remember Gulnaz? She was the woman who was raped and imprisoned in Afghanistan and then ‘pardoned’ to marry her rapist. Below is a programme on her case and the film, ‘Injustice’, which had been commissioned and then censored by the EU.

The programme has Persian subtitles, and some important bits in English, including an interview with the documentary-maker who gives an update on Gulnaz’s case.

She says Gulnaz is being put into the care of a family that wants her dead. Her rapist’s family and his wife have said they will not forgive her for publicising the case.

Talk about injustice.

(Link via Afsaneh Vahdat).

Gulnaz pardoned… so she can marry her rapist

Hamid Karzai is pardoning Gulnaz, the Afghan woman serving a 12-year prison sentence after she was raped.

But don’t get too excited. He is pardoning her so she can marry her rapist!

According to a statement from the presidential palace, ‘As the both sides [Gulnaz and the rapist] have agreed to get married to each other with conditions, respective authorities were tasked to take action upon it according to Islamic Shariah’.

It doesn’t get more [un]just than that. [Read more…]