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Dec 19 2013

And so it should

DSC_0026a (1)

Chris Moos and Abishek Phandis write: We are delighted to learn that LSE has issued an unconditional apology for the appalling actions of its staff, which led to us being intimidated and harassed in a manner that does not behove a university. We welcome the LSE’s admission that its staff gravely misjudged the situation, and …

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Feb 28 2013

Oppose Channel 4 and BBC’s censorship when it comes to Islam


Dear Friend, You may remember Lloyd Newson’s verbatim hit play ‘Can We Talk About This?’ which enjoyed a successful run at London’s National Theatre and Sydney Opera House amongst others. The play focused on the reluctance of media and political figures to openly discuss the dangers of Islamism and Sharia law. Featuring speeches and interviews …

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Oct 10 2012

Murder of humans and animals

For some reason the final posts for the day did not go live on time. Here they are now… The guest post for the Day of Agreement marking the International Day against the Death Penalty is from Nobel Prize Winner and Professor of Chemistry, Harry Kroto: Murder is the most heinous crime one can commit but within …

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Oct 10 2012

There is a need for blasphemy

In the recent BBC documentary on The Fatwa: Salman Rushdie’s Story, writer Hanif Kureishi says: Rushdie speaks in the book for Muslims. This is an extremely important book. He speaks for their doubts. He speaks the bits of them that they actually think and feel sometimes – do I really believe in all this stuff …

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Oct 10 2012

No-one is safe, not even 14 year olds

Yesterday, the Taliban critically wounded Malala Yousafzai, the lovely and brave 14 year old Pakistani girl, on her way home from school. Ihsanullah Ihsan, chief spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, said they targeted Yousafzai because she generated ‘negative propaganda’ and was the ’symbol of the infidels and obscenity’. If she survived, Ihsan said, the Taliban would …

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Oct 09 2012

All day blogathon to mark Day of Agreement

Agreement Poster-1

I will be blogging every hour on the hour from 9.00am tomorrow morning until 6.00pm in opposition to blasphemy laws, censorship and the crushing of dissent. Join me on the Day of Agreement tomorrow by adding your voice to the innumerable fighting for the right to dissent from, criticise and renounce Islam…

Oct 07 2012

Day of Agreement

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All are calling on everyone to join the Day of Agreement. It’s quite easy to do. On 10 October, upload the day’s logo as your avatar on social media, Tweet #dayofagreement or try it with your colleagues, family and friends. You can also join our five …

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Sep 20 2012

Bravo Charlie Hebdo

In a climate where Islamist murder, violence and intimidation is cowering many into silence and submission,  Charlie Hebdo’s insistence on poking fun at Islam on par with all religions and its refusal to back down despite calls for censorship is one that will be remembered when Islamism is in the dustbins of history. French professor …

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Sep 13 2012

Urgent Action: Islam: The Untold Story must not be cancelled

Dear friend The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain would like to make public its support for Tom Holland’s Channel 4 documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’. We are indignant to learn that due to threats made on Holland, Channel 4 has cancelled a repeat screening of the historical inquiry into the origins of Islam similar to …

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Jun 13 2012



A new Jesus and Mo. There have been a lot of hurt religious sentiments recently. It’s such a shame.                                 (via Fame at Last)

Jun 13 2012

Defending Rasheed

Ismail ‘Hilath’ Rasheed, a Maldivian blogger, journalist and free speech advocate, has been brutally attacked near his home on 4 June 2012. His throat was slit through the trachea and he survived only because a vital artery was missed by millimetres. He is recovering. Whilst police are still investigating, it is believed to be the …

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May 24 2012

Where do you draw the line?

On 26 May 2012 from 4.30 – 6pm at the Brighton Dome, Pavilion Theatre, I will be joining a panel discussion staged by Index on Censorship and Free Word as part of this year’s Brighton Festival called ‘Where do you draw the line?’ Open dialogue is the key to a healthy, cohesive society, but some …

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Feb 19 2012

Richard Dawkins

Here’s Dawkins speech at the 11 February free expression rally. Best lines: A scholar usually needs to have read more than one book, people need to ‘stop being so damn respectful’ and that without freedom of speech, society would be a ‘scientific, technological, moral dark age’. By the way, here’s Richard Dawkins’ comment on the …

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Jan 11 2012

Don’t barter away our free expression

The UCL Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society (ASH) has published a report on the December event where Anne Marie Waters and I debated members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association on Sharia law. The debate can be seen here as can my blog entries on it here and here. The report highlights an affliction that …

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Dec 09 2011

Dawkins guest-edit New Statesman Christmas issue

In a 100-page special issue, the evolutionary biologist and bestselling author Richard Dawkins guest-edits the Christmas double issue of the New Statesman. I have a piece in there about Islam and freedom of expression. Here’s more information on it.

Dec 01 2011

Investigate Rafiq Tagi’s assassination!

We are calling on the EU to send a mission to investigate the assassination of prominent writer Rafiq Tagi, ‘Azerbaijan’s Salman Rushdie’. Mina will be meeting with EU officials on 6 December in Brussels. Here’s our letter to EU president:

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Nov 06 2011

Sorry but Islam and Mohammad are not off-limits

Charles Hebdo, the French publication that was firebombed a few days ago for mocking Islam and Islam’s prophet Mohammad is gathering messages of solidarity to publish in its next issue, which will be out this Wednesday in France. Here’s mine: No one has yet claimed responsibility for the firebombing of Charlie Hebdo’s office but the …

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