Don’t stop fighting for Amina

logoAMinaThere have been reports in the media that “Amina’s lawyer” has said she is safe at home.

If she is so safe, why is she no longer able to speak to anyone or be in contact with others? And is this Amina’s lawyer or her family’s? Clearly, it’s the family’s!

According to FEMEN’s (edited) statement:

The latest news about Amina has been shared by a woman calling herself Amina’s lawyer. The woman says that she has met Amina and that Amina is with her family.

This information is one of those rumours shared by strangers who have never been in contact with us before.
Amina’s telephone is still off. Someone else replies to Amina’s Skype; when we asked to speak via video, all contact was stopped.

From our point of view, the lawyer is representing the interests of the family and not Amina’s. By saying she is safe, they aim to stop the vast public mobilisation in her defence. Even if Amina was detained by her family, there would be no reason to speak of safety.

We have still not heard Amina’s voice nor seen her face. Until we do, we will continue to search for her and call for her defence!

Jenya Kraizman from Femen Ukraine

Onwards towards 4 April: International Day to Defend Amina!


FEMEN Tunisia’s Facebook Page Hacked

FEMEN TUNISIA Islamist hackers have taken control of FEMEN-Tunisia’s Facebook fanpage. This follows a death threat against 19 year old Amina who posted topless photos of herself.

The hackers say: “Thanks to God we have hacked this immoral page and the best is to come” and add: “The page has been hacked and if God willing, these dirt will disappear of Tunisia”.

Clearly, what must disappear back to the Middle Ages is Islamism.

4 April 2013 will be the International of Action to Defend Amina and us…

More information will be posted later today.

Until then, and always, Amina represents me.