Goodbye and good riddance

The Islamic regime of Iran’s ‘diplomats’ have been expelled from the UK. Good bye and good riddance.

But they have been expelled not because of the slaughter of an entire generation in Iran, sex apartheid, stoning, amputations, and … but because of the attack on the British embassy in Tehran by the regime’s goons, I mean ‘students’. Had we only known that this was all that was needed… Well at least they’re going for now – until the British government figures another reason to cozy up to the regime at the people’s expense.

Additional economic sanctions have also been announced, which will make people’s already very difficult lives even more difficult. Not only will it further raise the cost of living and make the poor even poorer, sanctions target everyone collectively rather than the regime. And it affects everything from travel to human rights work. For example, my partner’s parents have been refused UK visitor visas twice recently even though they have come to see him on a number of occasions before. My pensioner aunt who lives in Iran has had her measly bank account in Britain frozen, and Paypal keeps harassing our voluntary organisation Count Me In – Iran because it has the word ‘Iran’ in it. [Read more…]