Religious beliefs are harmful

Here’s this week’s programme. We were away for a month and are really glad to be back on air!


Religious beliefs are harmful
Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya
1 September 2015
Interview with Matt Dillahunty, Host of Atheist Experience
Background: Religious beliefs can be harmful. At best it can hinder your potential; at worst it can cause murder and mayhem. It prevents you from finding the truth and living life to its fullest.
Also, Europe’s refugee crisis, murder of another Bangladeshi blogger, joint fatwa putting religious ban on shedding of Muslims’ blood, protests in Iraq saying “neither Shia nor Sunni but Secularism” and environmental protest for drying of Urumieh Lake.
Director: Reza Moradi
Translator: Mohammad B

اعتقادات مذهبی مضر هستند
برنامه نان و گل سرخ با مریم نمازی و فریبرز پویا
۲ سپتامر
مصاحبه با مت دلانتى، میزبان تجربه بیخدا
همچنین، بحران پناهندگان در اروپا، قتل یکی دیگر از وبلاگ نویس بنگلادشی، فتوای احمقانه؛اعتراضات در عراق: ” نه شیعه و نه سنی، اما سکولاریسم ” و اعتراض های عليه خشک شدن دریاچه ارومیه.
کارگردان: رضا مرادی
مترجم: محمد ب

Sharia: What’s Going On?

One Law For All and the Lawyers’ Secular Society are pleased to announce a student research competition on the subject of sharia law.

Sharia What's Going OnThe competition is sponsored by the National Secular Society and the winner will receive a prize of £300. The winner and the two runners-up will have their essays published in full on the website of all three organisations.


In June 2010 One Law For All produced a report, Sharia Law in Britain.  It was clear from this that Sharia Councils and Muslim Arbitration Tribunals are operating in violation of UK law, public policy and human rights.

It’s unclear how sharia is being applied elsewhere in Europe, especially as mediation and arbitration – the legal mechanisms under which sharia seeks to operate in the UK – are generally less prevalent in the rest of Europe. There was even evidence in One Law For All’s report of sharia’s application to criminal matters in the UK.

The purpose of the competition is to understand sharia’s reach and influence in Europe, and to highlight any harm or human rights abuses which might be taking place.

What to do

If you would like the chance to win £300 all you need to do is write a well-researched and well-referenced essay, of about 2,500-3,000 words in length, on the subject of sharia law in Europe. [Read more…]