Guardian’s all excited again

The Guardian is all excited about the “election” of Hassan Rowhani in Iran. They think (and there is some truth in it) that we are afflicted with (even recent) historical amnesia. They did the same song and dance for Rafsanjani and Khatami and now Rowhani.

Whilst the regime has stepped up its executions in order to stifle dissent and the exploding anti-Islamic backlash, the Guardian-ites celebrate Rowhani who by the way just introduced his cabinet – which wait for it – includes Ali Younesi – who was head of intelligence for another “reformer” Khatami and who was involved in the executions of 1362 (1980s). A group of international judges has found the regime guilty of crimes against humanity during that period.

Of course Rowhani and his cabinet reads like a most wanted list but what does the Guardian care? “Reformer” is all they want to hear though reform is meant to have real meaning in the real world. Maybe they can write an article about the reforms we can expect. Same old, same old doesn’t reform make.

As I’ve said before, call them “reformers”, call them “conservatives”, call them anything you want. It doesn’t change the facts.


They – all of them – shouldn’t be “elected” or celebrated but prosecuted.

And in time, they will be….



Iranian People’s vote is the Overthrow of the Islamic Regime

The Islamic regime in Iran will be holding another round of its so-called presidential election this coming June 14th. Election, under a regime that holds onto power through use of force, oppression, and execution, is a farce. Nothing could be more ridiculous than calling the event of changing the president of such a state the “elections”.

Political parties are not legal in Iran. Freedom of conscience is meaningless; criticizing or protesting the state is met with imprisonment and torture. Women are not only deprived of their right to be elected, but are also continuously persecuted, oppressed and humiliated. No opposition organization or personality has the right to partake in any political activity. The candidacy of the majority of those who registered as candidate for the presidential elections, all of whom held post in the Islamic regime, including the former president, the former head of the parliament, the a former prime minister, and the existing vice-president, have been disapproved. These people have been amongst the high-ranked representatives of the Islamic regime and taken part in all of the regime’s crimes. This reveals the real meaning of any type of elections under the Islamic regime in Iran.

The approach of the Western governments and media such as the BBC and the VOA to this farce is disgusting. Their ultimate criticism toward this so-called election is the disapproval of Rafsanjani or some other minor issue. The people in Iran, however, witness the depth of their deprivation from any human rights. For the majority of the people in Iran the core of the problem is the regime itself. They are fed up with the sexual apartheid, with being deprived of their rights, with imprisonment, oppression, living under the poverty line and the continuous and systematic intervention of religion and religious institutions in their lives and private affairs. The people demand the overthrow of this regime. The people in Iran want a secular state; they want freedom, prosperity and a humane life. [Read more…]