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Nov 22 2013

Walking a tightrope: Between the pro-Islamist Left and the far-Right

Opposing Sharia and Islamism in the west is like walking on a tight rope most of the time – thwarting attacks from the Left, refuting cultural relativism, preventing alliances with the far-Right, explaining the issues ignored by government and the media, mobilising support for secularism and citizenship whilst opposing racism and xenophobia, and making linkages …

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Oct 29 2013

When Tommy met Mo


Earlier this year, Maryam Namazie was approached by the production company making the BBC documentary ‘When Tommy met Mo’, about the interaction between Tommy Robinson and Mo Ansar. They asked if we could put them in touch with any women who had been discriminated against in British sharia courts. We declined to help because framing …

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Oct 06 2013

On Tweeting EDL supporters

“Soupy” has asked for clarification on One Law for All’s position with regards the English Defence League. I don’t see why we need to clarify every time some Tom, Dick or Soupy demands clarification but since I have promised to respond, I will do so briefly and this once. Firstly, our position is as clear …

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Mar 28 2013

I hope you are up for it


D wrote to me asking about my views on the UK Islamic Mission: In Leeds they are setting up a centre in Moortown. The English Defence League is trying to exploit tensions about this by having a demo. I read a post from I think your forum saying that the UKIM is linked to Jamaat-e-Islami …

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Mar 18 2013

Yes I dare: On the EDL


Leslie Seavor has emailed me saying: How dare you insult the EDL on Twitter! You know nothing about it or its members. I’m a member. I’m not far right… Just keep your moronic prejudice to yourself. Well yes, I dare. There is ample evidence that the English Defence League (EDL) is a far-Right racist organisation. Even …

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May 16 2012

Conspiratorial nut-jobs, Nazis and extremists

Here’s a wonderful letter I received recently from a thoughtful ex-member of the far-Right British National Party. There is a lot we can learn from Alistair Barbour in challenging the far-Right. As I have said before, when the pathetic excuse of an ‘anti-fascist’ and Post-modernist Left allies itself with Islamic fascism, it leaves the space …

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