Chokri Belaid murdered in broad daylight

The anti-Islamist, Marxist, and secularist political figure Chokri Belaid was assassinated as he left his home in Tunis yesterday.

His brother accuses the leader of Ennahda, the Islamist ruling party, for his murder as do we. After all, terror and assassination are what they do best.

For those who keep saying that secularists are the same as Islamists, answer me this.

Why is it that the secularists are the ones who always end up dead? And how long shall they kill our leaders while we stand aside and look?

The outrage over his death may bring an end to Islamist politics in Tunisia and not a day too soon. As one report says:

If Belaid was a thorn in the side of the al-Nahda, the Salafis and the government during his life, he is likely to be a decisive nail in their coffin now that he is dead.

Long live Belaid!

As an aside, Ennahda means Renaissance. As Mansoor Hekmat said:

This Islamic ‘renaissance‘ is backed by violence and terror, which takes one form in Algeria and another in Iran.

And yes another in Tunisia.