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Jul 18 2013

Channel 4 – Report on this!

I wrote earlier about Channel 4′s daily call to prayer for Ramadan as much of the same old same old pandering to identity politics. In my previous post I mentioned how Channel 4 should report on the many who refuse to fast and who are threatened into fasting and still refuse. Here’s a great example of …

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Jul 09 2013

Channel 4′s daily call to prayers for Ramadan same old, same old

Channel 4 is airing the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan every morning and also broadcasting a series of programmes about Ramadan. It says it is doing so as a deliberate act of “provocation” to challenge viewers who associate Islam with terrorism and extremism. Far from being provocative, however, it is just more of the …

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Mar 01 2013

Opposing Censorship


Following One Law for All’s statement on Channel 4 and the BBC’s censorship and blasphemy-law-by-stealth of a film adaptation of DV8 Physical Theatre’s “Can We Talk About This?”, they have issued the following statement entitled ‘Opposing Censorship’: Human rights activist Maryam Namazie recently posted a blog about the reluctance from Channel 4 and the BBC …

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Feb 28 2013

Oppose Channel 4 and BBC’s censorship when it comes to Islam


Dear Friend, You may remember Lloyd Newson’s verbatim hit play ‘Can We Talk About This?’ which enjoyed a successful run at London’s National Theatre and Sydney Opera House amongst others. The play focused on the reluctance of media and political figures to openly discuss the dangers of Islamism and Sharia law. Featuring speeches and interviews …

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Sep 13 2012

Urgent Action: Islam: The Untold Story must not be cancelled

Dear friend The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain would like to make public its support for Tom Holland’s Channel 4 documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’. We are indignant to learn that due to threats made on Holland, Channel 4 has cancelled a repeat screening of the historical inquiry into the origins of Islam similar to …

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Sep 12 2012

We never will

I have just posted a statement by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain in support of Tom Holland’s documentary “Islam: The Untold Story”. Channel 4 has just cancelled a repeat screening due to threats. Here’s my question to Channel 4: what about the threats on our lives for being apostates, ex-Muslims, atheists, freethinkers, secularists, 21st …

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