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Apr 25 2013

While we remember the dead, let us also remember those fighting to live

Today 25 April has been declared a day of mourning in Bangladesh for the victims of the nation’s worst factory disaster. The death toll of the collapsed garment factory has risen to 160; more than a 1000 have been injured. Rescuers continue to hunt for survivors. Those who died in the building collapse did not need …

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Apr 15 2013

Defend Bangladeshi Bloggers, Events, Ex-Muslims in Morocco and More


Hello We are writing to give you an update on some important actions and events. 25 APRIL: INTERNATIONAL DAY TO DEFEND BANGLADESHI BLOGGERS The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and others have called for 25 April to be an international day to defend Bangladesh’s bloggers and activists. Please spread the word, sign this petition today, …

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Apr 11 2013

On 25 April 2013 we stand with Bangladeshi bloggers and activists!

In January, 29 year old blogger Asif Mohiuddin was stabbed. In February, 35 year old atheist blogger involved in the Shahbag protests, Ahmed Rajib, was brutally killed. Islamists continue to threaten prominent bloggers and have called for the “execution of 84 atheist bloggers for insulting religion”. Rather than defend freedom of expression and protect freethinkers, …

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Apr 02 2013

Stop threats and murder of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh

The threats, intimidation and murder of atheists in Bangladesh continue, and now Islamists are demanding the state give them a hand with the killing. Islamists are calling for the death penalty for atheist bloggers for supposedly blasphemous blogs or else face the prospect of Islamist groups descending on the capital, Dhaka. The state’s response? A …

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Feb 28 2013

Amnesty International: You keep getting it wrong


Today, there will be a demonstration against Amnesty International for its disproportionate support of the Islamist perpetrators of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. I am also vehemently opposed to the death penalty in all cases (it’s nothing short of state-sponsored murder), but Amnesty could do much more to support the victims and the …

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Feb 16 2013

La lucha continua

Atheist blogger, 35 year old Ahmed Rajib known by his online identity Thaba Baba, had his head hacked apart with a machete one day after attending anti-Islamist protests in Bangladesh. This is the usual Islamist response to any opposition: assassination, decapitation and sheer barbarity. But nothing – not even the brutal murder of yet one …

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Nov 27 2012

Bangladesh Genocide: What Human Rights, Anti-racist and Peace Organisations won’t tell you

Tonight, the Centre for Secular Space is hosting a conversation on the Bangladesh Genocide: What Human Rights, Anti-racist and Peace Organisations won’t tell you. Gita Sahgal, co-founder of the Centre for Secular Space talks to Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (former Islamist, now Muslim reformer) and Asif Munier (pro-Jonmo 71, children of the Martyrs of the Liberation …

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Jan 18 2012

Teacher arrested in Bangladesh for having Taslima Nasreen’s novel

Please send messages of solidarity with the teacher to [email protected] Press Release We, the undersigned strongly protest the arrest of Mr. Yunus Ali, the Head Teacher of KC Technical and Business Management College of Pirojpur, on 4 January, 2012. Mr. Ali was arrested for having allegedly kept a copy of writer Taslima Nasreen’s novel “Lajja” …

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