Too outrageous even for the Saudi royal family

lamaPublic outrage over the rape, torture and murder of 5 year old Lama and the lenient sentence imposed on her Islamic cleric father has forced the Saudi royal family to intervene.

It is reported that they have been ‘stung’ by the public outrage and are blocking Al-Ghamdi’s release; he is to remain in prison for a very long time.

Saudi authorities have also set up a 24-hour hotline to take calls about child abuse.

Had it not been for the public outcry and the Ana Lama campaign, the despicable Al-Ghamdi would now be free.

Public pressure in support of child welfare and protection is crucial for any change. But no real change can come about whilst religious dogma and Sharia laws take precedence over children and their lives.

#AnaLama, #AnaLama, #AnaLama.